Noah Patterson

Noah Patterson – Actor, Director, and YouTuber

At 6’3″, 265 pounds, Ohio native Jaime Ironton-White visited Virginia Tech this spring for an Offensive Line camp and hopes to return for more visits this summer. He highly admired Virginia Tech’s teaching methods, believing VT would be an ideal match.

Hanohano Dolim needed direction after graduating high school, so he moved to Hawaii and enrolled at Hawai’i Community College.

Early Life and Education

Noah Patterson worked hard at learning, becoming proficient in reading at age 10. Following high school graduation on Oahu he moved to Hilo and enrolled in Hawai’i Community College where he found direction.

Noah currently plays lacrosse for Wagner College and was honored as an all-league honorable mention. Prior to that, he competed at Salem Hills High School in Utah as team captain and helped win several state tournaments; additionally, as a junior he competed in Division 4A state tournament and placed fourth. Musically inclined, he has an affinity for creating original music while sharing it with bandmates through songs that tell a tale or convey emotion.

Professional Career

Noah Patterson is an American actor, director and YouTuber best known for his portrayal of Noah Kendall in OWN’s megachurch drama series Greenleaf as well as for playing the lead character in his upcoming TV show The Conundrum.

Studied Geology at Fox Lane High School and Bates College before earning his Ph.D from Brown University. His research specializes in lunar exploration using remotely sensed data collected during multiple lunar missions as well as samples.

Dr. Bates is an active member of the Apollo Lunar Exploration Analysis Group as well as various NASA panels such as proposal review panels, session organization committees and journal editorial boards. He has published widely in planetary geology and space exploration. Currently he works at NASA Goddard Postdoc (Code 698). His research investigates compositional changes on the Moon through impact cratering processes as well as surface processes.

Achievement and Honors

As a student, Patterson earned honor roll three consecutive years and received an award from his high school newspaper for his writing. Additionally, he is an active participant in the horror community through news articles and promotions posted to his website ASliceofHorror – serving authors, film makers, artists as well as critics within this genre. Furthermore, he played lacrosse at Lampeter-Strasburg High School before joining Wagner College’s men’s lacrosse team; role models include Sidney Crosby and surfer Jamie O’Brien as mentors.

Personal Life

Noah Patterson performs music under the moniker ‘NoahIsCanned’ and creates content on YouTube. With a deep interest in history and an affinity for making videos about it, he draws much inspiration for his works from it. Based in New York City with his wife and two children.

Lampeter-Strasburg High School in Pennsylvania provided him with four years of lacrosse and three of soccer, followed by Wagner College to pursue an interest in business and sports management. A huge fan of Sidney Crosby and professional surfer Jamie O’Brien.

Mock the Week, which ran for 21 seasons on BBC in the UK and will make its Amazon Freevee debut next year with Noah and Patterson executive producing, will debut next year on Amazon Freevee with teams of comedians satirically mocking politics, pop culture and world events in a British format of the same name.

Net Worth

American footballer Cordarelle Patterson possesses an estimated net worth of $4 Million as of 2023, having graduated from Mission Viejo High School and going on to become an impressive center during college career.

NoahIsCanned on YouTube, hailing from Ironton, Ohio is also an established filmmaker known for creating content over two years on his channel. Recently, he attended Virginia Tech for a camp and gained first-hand experience. Although NCAA regulations prevent him from receiving direct compensation for playing as an NBA player, his hard work continues to pay dividends; and this dedication may just lead to further success moving forward.

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