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Student-Athlete Noah Zech Files Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit

Melchisedek is commonly identified in rabbinic literature as Shem’s oldest son. This theory is further supported by his priestly lineage in Genesis Apocryphon.

Noah’s flood was global, and God promised not to send another (Genesis 9:8-17). In 2 Enoch’s antiNoachic polemics these peculiar details are transferred onto Melchisedek.

Early Life and Education

God recognizes that humanity has fallen into disrepair, instructing Noah to build an ark large enough to house himself, his wife and adopted daughter; sons with their wives; plus breeding pairs for each animal species he can find. Although leaving behind many loved ones is painful for Noah, he complies.

The Bible records that God blessed Shem, Ham and Japheth as the progenitors of mankind’s three major races; He also used this blessing as justification for Israel’s later conquest of Canaan.

Noah Zech, an officer with Seattle Police Department’s SWAT team and 15-year veteran, shot Fuhr. A subsequent investigation by the Office of Police Accountability cleared him of wrongdoing while an ongoing lawsuit alleging officers failed to de-escalate the situation was ultimately filed against them by plaintiff.

Professional Career

Family of 24-year-old man shot by Seattle police while holding infant daughter has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit, alleging excessive force and racial discrimination. The incident happened April 29 when officers responded to woman’s 911 call claiming her partner assaulted her before taking away their 1-year-old daughter.

Officer Noah Zech of the SPD SWAT team and 15-year department veteran fired his gun at Shaun Fuhr, who dropped his girlfriend and ran away before later dying at Harborview Medical Center.

An investigation by the Office of Police Accountability cleared Zech of any wrongdoing, finding that he did not have time to safely de-escalate Fuhr, used force consistent with his training and department policy under these circumstances, and did not act based on race.

Achievement and Honors

Noah has also been honored with Academic All-Big 12 second team recognition on two consecutive years, making him the first student-athlete ever to achieve both accolades in one season. Alongside being a scholarship athlete, Noah also served on student government and class presidency of his senior year; was cheerleader; member of Gamma Phi Beta; Girls on the Run coach and has his name memorialized by creating an endowment fund dedicated to Sam Zech’s memory which provides service scholarships annually at Brown for students who demonstrate dedication towards others while having strong work ethics; as his name was chosen after him and Sam Zech passed away due to Stage 4 appendix cancer; which memorial fund will award students who demonstrate dedication in service of others and possess strong work ethics; his name will honoring her legacy!

Personal Life

Family of Seattle police officer Noah Zech, who shot and killed Shaun Fuhr while responding to a 911 call April 29th while on-duty and responding to 911, have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit alleging excessive force and discrimination. Officer Zech belongs to Seattle’s SWAT team and was responding when Fuhr was fatally shot while carrying his infant daughter.

On returning to his tent, Ham finds his father lying naked and takes great amusement from it, telling his brothers. However, Shem and Japheth differed; they decided instead to cover him to prevent further embarrassment for their father.

Their actions demonstrate their respect for their father and show that they were moral individuals. Later on, God will bless both Shem and Japheth along with all their descendants from Canaan.

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