O Shea Russell Net Worth

O’Shea Russell is an acclaimed professional print, runway and fitness model who gained fame as Erica Dixon’s boyfriend on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Additionally, O’Shea holds championship bodybuilding sponsorship and was featured in popular culture as Erica Dixon’s partner on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

O’Shea Russell prefers not to share details of his personal life on social media. At 29 years old, his relationship status remains confidential.

Early Life and Education

O’Shea Russell is a professional print, runway and fitness model who also holds his own as a sponsored champion bodybuilder. He gained recognition through being Erica Dixon’s boyfriend on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Russell has made an enormous amount of money through his modeling career. Through hard work and dedication, he has achieved this position and been honored with numerous awards and accolades during this time.

O’shea Rusell was born April 19, 1990 under the Aries zodiac sign and currently stands 33 years old. He stands 5ft 10in tall and weighs 200 lbs, boasting a great physique with black hair color and brown eyes.

Professional Career

O’Shea Russell is an established print, runway and fitness model who also holds championship bodybuilding sponsorship. He became renowned as an actor on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta where he portrayed Erica Dixon’s boyfriend. Russell boasts over 170,000 Instagram followers with whom he regularly shares selfies and fitness modeling photos.

Russell was also an enthusiastic volunteer for Maureen’s Haven Homeless Outreach program for over 10 years, where both he and Sara have become avid supporters, regularly contributing financially as well as to fundraising initiatives for Maureen’s Haven’s homeless shelter.

Russell was born April 19th 1990 as an Aries. Currently he resides in South Park Philadelphia with his wife and daughter.

Achievement and Honors

O Shea Russell has accomplished much throughout his life. Through hard work, he has earned himself an esteemed position. Additionally, his efforts have earned him many accolades.

O’Shea Russell is a professional print, runway and fitness model as well as a sponsored champion bodybuilder. He first gained fame on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”, appearing as Erica Dixon’s boyfriend on Erica Dixon’s episodes of that reality show. Additionally, O’Shea maintains an active Instagram account which boasts over 117,000 followers under @oshearussell on Instagram.

He is an iconic celebrity around the globe, known for his work in various fields. With millions of followers around the globe and an admirable reputation earned through hard work, this celebrity stands as an incredible role model to many others.

Personal Life

O Shea Russell has found great success in life. He has earned great respect amongst people all around the globe and gained their devotion. However, this success did not come easily; O Shea had to work tirelessly in order to reach this point in life.

He has amassed many fans and followers across social media platforms like Instagram. He regularly uploads selfies and fitness modeling photos onto the app – amassing over 117,000 followers overall on the account.

He has appeared in movies such as A Taste of Betrayal, Games People Play and All the Queen’s Men. Additionally, he is currently working on “K. Michelle: My Life”. K Michelle is an exceptional young talent with a promising future ahead of them.

Net Worth

Russell is best-known for her role as Felicity in the WB drama ‘Felicity’, for which she earned over $16 Million.

She has built up an impressive modeling and acting career, amassing an enormous social media following with regular selfies and fitness modeling posts on her Instagram account.

She has amassed over 117K followers on her account. In one of her recent posts, she uploaded a photo of herself in the bathroom with the caption, “Just got my nails done” which earned her much love from fans. Additionally, she maintains a YouTube channel featuring makeup tutorial videos which generate a considerable revenue stream as well as offering various business ventures and acting opportunities that generate additional income streams for her.

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