Off White Meteor Shower Boots

Virgil Abloh Meteor Shower Boots

Virgil Abloh, the famous designer of a popular fashion brand, has released a new line of shoes based on a meteor shower. His boots are made from a combination of white and grey materials and feature a unique design. This new line of shoes is aimed at men who are looking for a stylish pair of shoes to wear for work or play.

Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh has collaborated with British brand Church’s to produce a capsule collection of shoes. The Consul Meteor shoe features classic Off-White “Meteor” detailing. The shoes are available for men and women. They retail for $1,590 and can be purchased online at Church’s or through Off-White’s website.

The shoes are made of black calfskin with black laces and a trademark Off-White hangtag. The shoes feature large holes in the upper and circular holes throughout the shoe. The shoe also features Swiss cheese holes, a cap-toe detail, and Off-White branding. The shoes come with a leather sole. A hangtag made of leather is also included.

The Meteor Shower boot is part cowboy boot, part space-age element, and is a part of Off-White’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection. The boot was originally displayed at Off-White’s SS20 Paris show last year. The boots feature a high heel and raise up to the calf of the wearer. They also feature cutout details and instructions for walking. They are available in a black and white colorway.


Virgil Abloh’s Meteor shoe is now being offered by Church’s, the oldest British brand in existence. The shoe is the heir to the iconic Consul, a shoe which dates to 1945. The shoe is a classic English style, featuring Goodyear construction, a leather sole and interior leather lining. The shoe is available in men’s and women’s sizes.

The Meteor shoe isn’t the only new item in the Church’s stable. The brand has just unveiled a new line of luxury footwear for men, including the Off-White x Nike collaboration, which will include two styles of boots. The new line, named the Off-White Collection, will be available in a limited number of stores, and will be available online. The Off-White x Nike collaboration was first shown at last year’s SS20 show in Paris, and will be on display at the upcoming Virgil Abloh exhibit in Brooklyn. The new line is the next logical step in the evolution of Church’s.


Virgil Abloh, the swashbuckling head of Off-White, has collaborated with the British footwear brand Church’s on a number of products including the Meteor Shower. This boot is a modern take on a classic, incorporating the best of both worlds. The boot features a top that features a tonal colorway and a plethora of other design tricks. The material of choice is buffed leather, which lends itself to an edgy take on a classic.

The Meteor Shower isn’t the first time that Virgil Abloh and Church’s have collaborated on a footwear product. In fact, they have previously launched the Burwood W.O.W and Burwood 3 O.W collections. They are also the proud owners of a few other high-end footwear lines including Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Jeremy Scott, and Marc Jacobs. In addition to these three well-known names, Church’s is also a Prada subsidiary. Founded in 1873, the British brand is renowned for its high-quality and low-key footwear designs.


Virgil Abloh, the founder of Off-White, has collaborated with Prada-owned footwear label Church’s to release a capsule collection of footwear. The collection includes a pair of Meteor Shower boots, a calf-high boots with a space-age element. These boots feature an all-white colorway and a substantial heel. They also feature cut-out detailing and circular holes on the upper. The boots come with a detailed instruction on how to wear them. The Meteor Boots will retail for $1,665 and can be purchased online.

Earlier this year, Church’s and Off-White launched the Burwood 3 O.W. and Burwood W.O.W collections, which featured a pair of boots with a similar space-age element. However, the Meteor Shower boots are entirely different. They feature a calf-high heel, a space-age element, and a wide opening. They’re available in men’s and women’s sizes. They’re also available in the c/o Church’s collection, which retails for $1650. These boots will also be available in stores at the end of the month.

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