Oliva Sampler

Oliva Sampler – Six Smokes From the Cigar Aficionado Serie V

Oliva cigars are widely respected boutique brand, known for their superior Nicaraguan blends. Oliva’s Serie V blend has earned multiple 90+ ratings from Cigar Aficionado and is highly prized among connoisseurs.

This Oliva sampler offers three of their premium cigars – box-pressed Serie G, flavorful O and the smooth Connecticut Reserve! All are combined into one convenient package!

Early Life and Education

Oliva cigars are widely acclaimed premium handmade smokes. They frequently top year-end “Best of” lists and are sought by cigar lovers worldwide.

Experience six of Oliva’s bestselling blends in this exquisite sampler set from their rich complexity of Serie G to their delectable Melanio Maduro selection – there is sure to be something here for every palate!

The Oliva family has long been recognized for producing some of the highest-quality Nicaraguan tobacco and cigars available on the market, such as their highly regarded Serie V and O lines that have received multiple 90+ ratings from Cigar Aficionado over time. This sampler pack provides you with a taste of these powerful flavors at a fraction of their full cost.

Professional Career

Oliva cigars have earned high ratings on Cigar Aficionado for over 25 years. This sampler offers six of their top blends in an elegant box that makes an ideal present.

This handmade premium cigar collection includes the Serie V Melanio and Master Blends 3 robustos from this handmade premium cigar manufacturer, each packed with aged Nicaraguan long filler and binder leaf grown at Oliva family farms and wrapped with top-grade Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers for maximum flavor and smooth smoking experience. These cigars make an excellent choice for experienced smokers as well as beginners looking for a satisfying smoke with full flavor!

This page draws from data sourced from current and former employees of Oliva Cigar, as well as public records. Unfortunately, Zippia does not provide direct employment verification services and therefore cannot ensure all the information contained on this page is true and correct.

Achievement and Honors

Oliva cigars have long been beloved among connoisseurs for their balance of flavors, depth of complexity and quality. Since 2006 when Oliva first introduced their Serie V line – quickly becoming a top pick – Oliva have added the Melanio line as a nod to Oliva’s first tobacco farmer; Melanio Figuarado offers full-bodied smoking experience featuring notes of leather alongside coffee grounds and hearty Nicaraguan spice.

The Oliva Top of the Line Sampler offers an exquisite collection of their top-rated handmade premium cigars. Ranging from powerful Serie V Melanio to smooth Master Blends 3 and several Top 25 List appearances, this superb assortment will appeal to newcomers as well as experienced smokers alike. Boasting numerous 90+ ratings and making an appearance on more than one Top 25 List list this renowned selection makes an invaluable addition to any humidor.

Personal Life

Oliva cigars have garnered many of Cigar Aficionado’s highest ratings. From 90+ ratings and Top 25 List appearances, to an expansive portfolio featuring rich flavor profiles – Oliva offers something for every cigar smoker’s palette!

1 Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro Figurado (6″ x 52, ***** Full) Crafted with Nicaraguan Habano filler and binder tobaccos wrapped in an exquisite Mexican San Andreas Maduro wrapper, this high-powered Oliva Serie V variant opens with an explosion of white pepper before giving way to cascades of cocoa and nutmeg flavors topped off by thick earthiness for an impressive conclusion.

Net Worth

Oliva cigars have quickly become a go-to brand on the market due to their ability to provide quality smokes at competitive prices. Their Serie V model is an outstanding example, featuring a complex blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos with Jalapa Valley Ligero under an Indonesian Habano Sun grown wrapper for an exquisite work of art that delivers leather, spice and cedar notes while finishing off perfectly balanced coffee notes.

Johnito Oliva and Angel Oliva have created an unparalleled empire that produces top-rated cigars while providing tobacco to some of the most notable cigar brands in the world. As multi-millionaires, Johnito and Angel have farmed more than 3,000 acres of tobacco in Honduras, Ecuador, and Nicaragua – their Oliva brand winning numerous Best Cigar Awards every year.

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