Olive & Loom

A Look at Olive & Loom

Olive & Loom is a women-owned Mediterranean lifestyle store located in Montgomery County. They specialize in modern peshtemal (towl) with a contemporary aesthetic.

Croce di Mezzo harvesters use hand harvesting methods, using gloved hands to shake each tree in turn and shake free all of its olives – this process takes three hours per tree!

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Ferzan Jaeger founded Olive & Loom in 2016 with two simple products–turkish hand-loom towels and olive oil soaps. She worked full-time as a project manager while building her brand and store, which ultimately opened at North Bethesda’s modern mall Pike & Rose last year. When Covid closed down their operations last year, Ferzan managed to keep business alive by offering workshops and spray-style hand sanitizers as solutions.

Achievement and Honors

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Ferzan Jaeger is the owner of Olive & Loom in Kensington, Maryland – a Mediterranean lifestyle and apothecary store. Jaeger initially worked full time at NASA while running her store during evening hours; but when Covid struck, Jaeger had to find ways of keeping her staff employed – everything from sponsoring nurses at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to holding candle pouring classes, Jaeger found solutions that kept Olive & Loom open during this pandemic.

Personal Life

Jaeger maintains an active personal life outside her business endeavors. She enjoys spending time with her two children and volunteering at a shelter for refugee women. Furthermore, she hosts workshops such as candle pouring and seated meditation at her retail space.

Olive & Loom was established in 2016 and named for its initial two products – Turkish towels and soaps with modern aesthetics – by Jaeger. Since opening their storefront at North Bethesda’s modern mall Pike & Rose in March of 2019, the business has experienced rapid expansion. Jaeger doubled down during Covid closures by sponsoring nurses at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to partnering with Kin & Care’s hand sanitizer line Kin & Care to remain open, thus keeping Olive & Loom open during difficult times despite Covid closures by staying open despite storm.

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