Olive Rush

Olive Rush – A Life of Adventure and Creativity

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Olive Rush was an internationally renowned female artist who resided and practiced both in Indiana and Santa Fe, being the first professional female artist to settle there permanently. She displayed in numerous national exhibitions.

Early Life and Education

Olive Rush led an exciting and creative life as an art student on the East Coast as well as a successful illustrator and easel painter in New York and Europe. However, her achievements remain mostly unnoticed today due to her single status and discomfort with self-promotion, according to Raphael.

Born and raised in Fairmount, Indiana, she attended Fiarmount Academy before enrolling at Earlham College and the Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C. After that she continued her education by taking classes at Art Students League New York as well as traveling across Europe extensively.

In 1914, she accompanied her father on a trip through Arizona and New Mexico, an experience which “opened up a whole new world for me”. Following this visit she decided to relocate permanently to Santa Fe in 1920 – her house on Canyon Road now houses Santa Fe Society of Friends art collection headquarters.

Professional Career

Olive Rush was an accomplished mural painter and illustrator, known for her intricate portraiture and Native art styles. Her style was heavily influenced by Oriental art as she gravitated toward Southwest-based pieces; Olive was one of the first professional female artists to settle permanently in Santa Fe.

Following her graduation from Earlham College in Indiana, she enrolled at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C. She developed her talent in many styles of painting and exhibited nationally.

Raphael believes her single status and unwillingness to promote herself contributed to her relative obscurity in this period.

Achievement and Honors

Olive Rush was an acclaimed artist known for her paintings depicting children and women for magazine illustrations. Additionally, she was recognized easel painter both in New York and Europe; her style ranged from traditional to cubist and expressionist forms of painting.

She was born in Fairmount Indiana to a Quaker family and attended Friends Academy, a Quaker school on her parent’s farm. Later she enrolled at Earldom College in Richmond Indiana before enrolling at Corcoran School of Art and Art Students League both located in Washington D.C. for further studies in art.

Olive Rush was the first female artist ever recorded as having visited Santa Fe, as an active member of Santa Fe Quaker Meeting and is honored in a 2017 PBS documentary called Painting Santa Fe. Jann Haynes Gilmore published Olive Rush: Finding Her Place in the Santa Fe Art Colony which can be found at Minnetrista Cultural Foundation in Muncie, Indiana where Minnetrista Cultural Foundation holds her Studio and Collection.

Personal Life

Olive Rush was a self-supporting artist and single woman, working hard towards success despite some barriers she faced due to being single and having difficulty self-promoting, according to author Jann Haynes Gilmore. These factors likely led to Olive’s relative obscurity as she struggled with these aspects of her art career.

From her initial debut as an illustrator, she quickly built an international reputation through national juried exhibitions and publications in women’s magazines such as St. Nicholas and Women’s Home Companion.

Olive Rush moved to Santa Fe at a time when many considered New Mexico “wild territory.” She found inspiration in its culture; particularly mural painting and fresco (applying pigment directly onto fresh, wet plaster). Pink adobe walls of traditional Southwest architecture served as her canvas.

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