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The Olive Vault in Lewiston, Maine, Is Home to More Than Just Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegar

The Olive Vault in Lewiston offers an impressive selection of extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars, along with gourmet ingredients like spices and extracts.

CryoEM structures of vaults–barrel-shaped ribonucleoprotein complexes that encase DNA in nucleoplasm–have revealed multiple conformationsal arrangements when in solution. Our model suggests that the rat major vault protein (MVP) may possess flexible shoulder and cap regions, potentially providing opportunities to exploit peptide fusions by exploiting this feature.

Early Life and Education

Franklin’s Olive Vault offers more than groceries – it also houses the Homegrown Kitchen Cafe and Coffee In Between! When winter hits, three connected culinary businesses share a Liberty Street frontage — making it easy for visitors to grab a bite or beverage while browsing their unique merchandise shelves. Tammy and David Bible of Olive Vault have amassed an extensive inventory of gourmet items, such as olive oil and balsamic vinegar, hand-stuffed olives, homemade pasta and gourmet chocolate. Additionally, diet-friendly items like gluten-free soups, spreads and jams are also offered. Danielle Benson from Homegrown Kitchen joined them for pop-up sales using Olive Vault ingredients in her breads to great response from their community.

Achievement and Honors

The Bibles offer a selection of premium olive oils and balsamic vinegar from around the globe, handmade pasta made in-house, gourmet spices and seasonings, hand-stuffed olives and more that stand apart from what’s found at any supermarket. Their products add an elegant gourmet flair to everyday cooking!

At this year’s 2021 New Zealand Olive Oil Awards, Kapiti and Wairarapa olive producers took home top honors in both single varietal and blend extra virgin olive oils. According to Connoley, New Zealand olive oil quality had seen dramatic improvement which is evident by the sheer number of Gold medals won at these Awards.

Sprague has also utilized The Olive Vault’s olive oil in her baking and held pop-up sales at her store, drawing praise from the community.

Personal Life

Tammy Bible and her husband own The Olive Vault, a family-owned store located on Liberty Street since 2020. Offering exclusive olive oils and balsamic vinegars from Modena in Italy as well as homemade pasta, hand-stuffed olives, spices & seasonings, gourmet chocolate & other specialty items; offering cooking classes & demonstrations; offering bread from local baker Cathy Sprague using Olive Vault mixes in her breads which has drawn enthusiastic community response; in addition to offering The Homegrown Kitchen Cafe space within their storefront location!

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