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Mitchell Nedab is a Dental Student at Howard University With a Green Thumb

Mitchell Nedab’s thoughts tend to focus on two topics – his teeth and plants. An ambitious dental student in his second year at Howard University with an avid love of plants, Mitchell uses his green thumb skills to find loving homes for plants online. At 24 years old, Nedab recently came out to both of his older sisters as being gay while enjoying life in Washington D.C.

Early Life and Education

Nedab hails from Accomac, Virginia on Virginia’s Eastern Shore and was drawn to ecology due to his family’s appreciation of nature and outdoor activities. At UVA he also pursued his passion for dance by choreographing and performing with UVA’s Mahogany Dance Troupe. Additionally he recently came out to his older half-sister Shanny and younger sister Fatima about his sexuality, and is excited about being out more in Washington where he plans on decorating his dream home with plants and flowers!

Professional Career

Nedab is passionate about teeth and plants alike. A 24-year-old dental student at Howard University, this 24-year-old possesses an avid interest in oral hygiene practices; and, alongside that, runs Mitchell Greens as a sideline entrepreneur to assist others with cultivating gardens or simply adding more greenery into the world. Nedab credits his environmental awareness to his upbringing in Accomac, Virginia on the Eastern Shore; in his free time he dances with Howard’s Mahogany Dance Troupe or just plain dancing with Howard’s Mahogany Dance Troupe! He is related to singer/actress Shawn Epps (see Shawn Epps).

Personal Life

Nedab’s two key focus areas are teeth and plants. He’s an ambitious dental student at Howard University as well as an avid gardener; Mitchell Greens provides online services to assist people find homes for their floral collections.

Nedab’s interests extend far beyond gardening, though; he used to dance with UVA’s Mahogany Dance Troupe and enjoys cooking as well. Additionally, his family can often be found visiting Accomac on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

He has three siblings and recently came out as gay to two of them – older half-sister Shanny and sister Fatima accepting it with no resistance, but his younger brother Nedab is still dealing with this news. Nedab has since begun dating someone.

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