Oliver Rhone

Oliver Rhone Found Guilty of Second-Degree Murder

Quentin Tillison’s family had been waiting nearly six years to hear a verdict regarding who killed him outside a Schaumburg Walgreens parking lot on February 28, 2009. On Friday, they finally heard it.

Oliver Rhone of Glendale Heights was found guilty of second-degree murder following his trial. Prosecution evidence claimed he laid in wait for Tillison before confronting and shooting him as he turned away to flee.

Early Life and Education

Oliver becomes part of Sikes’ and Nancy’s gang and quickly develops feelings against how he has been treated by them. Sikes also treats Oliver poorly. Eventually he begins to develop his own conscience against their mistreatment.

At a court hearing Friday, Rhone was found guilty of second-degree murder for killing Quentin Tillison. A judge cited two prior incidents where Rhone claimed Tillison threatened him.

Rhone was widely lauded for his performance as Jack Wild in “Jack Wild”, earning him a Golden Globe nomination and BAFTA award nomination as well as being survived by Ruth Render (his first wife), daughter Joi Rhone, son Steven Rhone, grandchildren as well as Oscar Sr and Sarah Rhone (parents). Rhone passed away aged 89 at the time of his passing away.

Professional Career

Shortly after the shooting, police conducted searches at Cambridge Lane and Century Point Lane locations in Glendale Heights but were unable to arrest anyone. Later on, Rhone surrendered himself and his attorney for questioning by authorities.

Prosecutors stated that Rhone waited for Tillison to exit Walgreens before approaching him on foot and shooting him as he attempted to flee across both parking lots and Roselle Road before collapsing in the street.

He is survived by Ruth Render and their three daughters Joi and Steven; Michael; his siblings Augusta Rhone, Kenzo Benvenuto, Sarah Oliver Rhone; as well as many nieces and nephews. As a Navy veteran he received numerous honors including National Defense Service Medal and Good Conduct Medal – among many others.

Achievement and Honors

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Randall Grahm was honored with the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award from Rhone Rangers wine group for his contributions to American Rhone wine movement. As one of Bonny Doon Vineyard’s founders and winemakers who pioneered Rhone-style wines here with cheeky names such as Le Cigare Volant.

Ken Merlino argued in court that his client acted in self-defense when he shot and killed Quentin Tillison outside a Schaumburg Walgreens. According to Merlino, Tillison had threatened his client twice prior to that shooting incident while also having access to weapons stored in their car. Furthermore, Merlino noted that their client is law-abiding citizen with a concealed carry permit.

Personal Life

Cook County Judge Joel Greenblatt found Oliver Rhone of Glendale Heights guilty of second-degree murder for shooting 37-year-old Quentin Tillison to death at a Schaumburg Walgreens parking lot last week. At Friday’s court hearing, prosecutors asserted that Rhone lay in wait outside the store before confronting Tillison on foot before shooting Tillison as he turned away to flee from him.

Witnesses and the victim’s dying declaration point the finger squarely at Rhone, according to prosecutors. But his defense attorney Ken Merlino insisted his client acted only in self-defense.

Merlino asserted that Tillison had made repeated threats against Rhone for years and that Rhone stabbed Tillison in the throat at a West Chicago nightspot, yet no charges were ever filed in either incident. Rhone is legal gun owner who was in the process of applying for his concealed carry license, according to Merlino.

Net Worth

Quentin Tillison, 37-year-old Quentin Tillison’s family had been waiting nearly six years for a verdict in Oliver Rhone’s second-degree murder conviction for Tillison’s death outside a Schaumburg Walgreens. Prosecution claims Rhone waited outside until Tillison left before approaching him on foot before shooting him once he reached outside. Rhone was sentenced Friday.

Rhone’s attorney Donna Rotunno maintained that her client acted in self-defense against Tillison. She noted his history of threats against Rhone, including an attempt at stabbing at a West Chicago nightspot by Tillison himself. Rhone owned legal firearms and was in the process of applying for a concealed carry permit – search parties conducted after the shooting but they couldn’t locate him anywhere.

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