Osteo Striga Best Perks

Osteo Striga Best Perks in Destiny 2

The Osteo is a close-quarter SMG with a limited range. Its balanced power and tracking system make it an ideal weapon in close-quarter combat. Its bullets can track where you aim, and even follow your body if hip-fired. Its stable aim, accurate shots, and leading shots make it an excellent choice for close-quarter combat.

The Osteo Striga’s best perks are a great way of increasing your overall damage output. It not only increases your weapon’s damage but also gives you more slots and powerful ammunition. It also shoots a toxic round that explodes with a large amount of AOE poison effect. This allows you to quickly kill entire swarms weak enemies. The Smallbore perk by Osteo Striga increases the effectiveness of your weapon and lowers it recoil.

Completing the Witch Queen campaign in Destiny 2 will give you Osteo Striga’s best perks. This will give you access to the submachine guns section of the game. Once you have it, you can then Reshape it with new perks and alter its stats. Keep an eye out for Rahool in Tower to find crafting materials.

One of the best perks of Osteo Striga is its unique projectiles, which are shaped like thorns and deal massive damage to nearby enemies. The Osteo Striga is the best weapon for large groups. It can also be used to infect your enemies, which is particularly useful in PVP battles.

The Osteo Striga is a fantastic Exotic weapon in Destiny 2. It is similar to the exotic hand gun Thorn, but it fires toxic projectiles rather than bullets. The projectiles are easy to track and do five damage per tick.

The Osteo Striga is able to be shaped and reshaped. It also has an unlockable catalyst slot. The catalyst adds 30 reload speed and 20 stability to your weapon, and also refunds ammo when you kill a toxic enemy. You must reach Level 10 to upgrade the catalyst and obtain rare forging resources.

The Osteo Striga is an Exotic weapon in Destiny 2 and requires a tier 16 Exotic SMG to unlock. The Osteo Striga’s poisonous burst is more effective and spreads further when the catalyst is activated. This weapon is a real threat in PVP and can be used to ad-clearing. This Exotic is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and PlayStation Series X/S.

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