Pagani Purse

Pagani Purse – Inspired by the Huayra Exotic Car

Horacio Pagani of Argentina-Italy fame is best known for the $3.4 million Pagani Huayra cars; however, his Modena-based company also makes luxurious man bags that draw inspiration from their unique supercars’ shapes, angles and textures. His stunning accessories collection can be found at

Manny Khoshbin of Supercar Blondie recently had these custom made bags created for his Huayra at an estimated cost of $250,00! The set includes all five pieces!

Early Life and Education

Horacio Pagani was raised in Casilda, Argentina where his father worked as a baker – this fostered his unique talent of using his hands to craft unique works of art.

Pagani had an avid interest in cars and would take note of any European Le Mans cars he saw in magazines, using balsa wood scraping techniques to mold his favorite models into amazing models he found impressive.

Pagani designed and constructed an F3 racecar at 20 years old before competing in local racing series. Later he met Juan Manuel Fangio who inspired him greatly before showing him some of his designs.

Fangio wrote him a letter of recommendation and encouraged him to travel to Italy to pursue his dream career in composite material management at Lamborghini. With only small luggage, tent and bicycle, he set off and eventually joined their composite material department as part of their composite material department.

Professional Career

Horacio Pagani has held positions with some of the world’s premier automakers such as Lamborghini and Renault before founding Pagani Automobile – his specialty car company that has produced some of the world’s most desirable sports cars for movies, commercials, and is amongst the most expensive sports car on sale today.

He has also designed a line of luxurious bags that rival his cars in terms of their design and craftsmanship. Crafted from leather, aluminum, and carbon fiber materials respectively.

Pagani employees typically earn an average annual salary of $85,011, though this may depend on their position and department. Chief Operations Officers make more than $516,472, while shop assistant positions typically make lower earnings. Furthermore, the company offers benefits such as healthcare coverage and life insurance to its staff members.

Achievement and Honors

Horacio Pagani is an artist of many talents who has won multiple awards throughout his career. He is widely renowned for his expansive car collection in Italy and Argentina – his holdings include Porsche 911 Carrera GTs, 918 Spyders, and Ferrari 512 TdFs among many others.

Pagani recently collaborated with Hermes to produce a bag that matches his Huayra supercar, costing an eye-watering $250,000 – much more expensive than its $1.8 million price tag!

Pagani earned the XXVII Compasso d’Oro award from the Associazione per il Disegno Industriale for “Design for Mobility.” This marked the first time one of their designers from San Cesario Sul Panaro-based company had received this coveted honor.

Personal Life

Pagani Automobile recently debuted an elegant man bag to complement their impressive exotic supercars. Drawing inspiration from Huayra for this design, constructed out of high-grade leather, aluminum, and carbon fiber.

Customizable features of this dress include seam color selection, Rhombus front pattern design and customized stitching. Available for pre-ordering now and scheduled to arrive early 2020.

Manny Khoshbin, an established collector of exotic cars, purchased it and has been seen driving it around town. Although its price tag stands at $2.5 million, its owner will surely take pride in owning such an exquisite Pagani car.

Net Worth

Horacio Pagani net worth is an Argentine-Italian entrepreneur and auto executive best known for founding the iconic Italian specialty car manufacturer Pagani Automobili. Pagani’s cars are known to be both beautiful to look at while performing beautifully; his creations are highly sought-after items that often sell for millions.

Pagani cars have become iconic symbols of luxury and prestige despite their exorbitant prices, thanks to limited production numbers and customization options that further add value.

According to the company’s petition, being denied an exemption would lead to diminished projected profits and prevent entry into the U.S. market until fully compliant vehicles can be produced and fielded by them.

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