Pastor Oliver

Pastor Oliver – An Evangelist, Bible College Teacher and Conference and Campmeeting Speaker

Pastor Oliver is an internationally-recognized evangelist, Bible college instructor and conference/campmeeting speaker. Known for spreading God’s word around the globe while encouraging Christians to follow Christ more fully, Pastor Oliver travels all around preaching God’s truth and encouraging Christians worldwide to follow him.

Last week, Oliver claimed to have established a new church and promised miraculous occurrences in exchange for donations sent directly to its Web site.

Early Life and Education

Oliver was raised by his parents in Houston, Texas and attended public schools until graduating high school with honors. At sixteen, he received his call to preach. Upon completion of Texas Bible College he spent some time evangelizing before pastoring his first church in Vandalia Illinois.

Pastored churches in St Louis, New York City and Troy and Centerline Michigan before becoming National Secretary for Pilgrim Fellowship – the Congregational Church’s youth program.

He and Vana were faithful and devoted followers of Christ, even through tough trials such as losing both sons in an unexpected fire. Their example continues to inspire believers today – you can help their work by giving online or sending a check donation today.

Professional Career

He has served as a Bible college instructor, evangelist, conference and Campmeeting speaker in both the U.S. and abroad.

He currently serves as pastor of Deliverance Outreach Ministries, a church which provides food and assistance for the homeless community through donations and grants, in addition to assisting individuals obtain federal benefits such as Medicaid or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

At Full Gospel Bible College and Theological Seminary, he completed his Master of Divinity degree. Donations may also be made online via Tithely to support Ron and Aaron Oliver Scholarship fund which allows students from Texico District to attend Texas Bible College.

Achievement and Honors

He has an intense devotion to God’s Word and an impressive healing anointing that he channels into prayer counseling services for women, children and families in Fort Worth Texas. Additionally, Kenneth Copeland Ministries licensed him to minister under their auspices.

He serves on numerous non-profit and community boards of Delaware organizations, such as Prestige Academy All Boys Charter School. Additionally, he sits on the Wilmington Door of Hope Board of Directors.

Life Lifting Ministries (LLM), under his direction, specializes in leadership development from a biblical viewpoint. Additionally, he consults with various organizations in organizing retreats, seminars, and workshops – while upholding the integrity of Holiness living while adapting a modern approach to ministry.

Personal Life

He has been blessed with an adoring family. As father, grandfather, and pastor to several of Sherrell Oliver-Riley and Deion Oliver’s children as well as seven of their grandchildren he continues to provide leadership within his community.

Life Mastery Ministries, Inc. was also founded by him to coordinate community outreach initiatives that aim to improve quality of life in Pittsburgh and beyond. Furthermore, Life Mastery consults with various organizations on retreats, conferences and special community related events.

Although he has earned various accolades and degrees, Craig credits his family as the cornerstone of his success. Happily married to Chi’Ira with whom he shares three children: Craig Jr., Corrie Kene and Charlee Reign; the couple are part of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church community in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Net Worth

Pastor Oliver has garnered accolades and awards as both an author and speaker, serving as an ordained minister with a master’s degree in theological studies and leadership. His passion lies in helping individuals realize their full potential.

He currently possesses an estimated net worth of over $3 Million due to his career and business venture accomplishments.

He is an esteemed author, speaker, and humanitarian who tirelessly advocates for social justice and human rights. Among other pastors who were invited into courtroom to watch George Zimmerman trial; he has spoken publicly on racial undertones surrounding this case as well as various community projects he is involved with; for these efforts he has received multiple accolades and awards.

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