Philip Perry Net Worth

Philip Perry Net Worth – How Much Is Philip Perry Worth?

Philip Perry is an esteemed attorney and lobbyist working at Latham & Watkins; an alumnus of Colorado College as well as having been involved in many high-profile cases.

Former political appointee and General Counsel at the White House Office of Management and Budget. Responsible for handling matters of national importance as well as mediating interagency disputes.

Early Life and Education

Philip Perry was born 16th October 1964 and has amassed his fortune through a distinguished legal and political career, amassing an annual salary as partner at Latham & Watkins law firm.

He has successfully handled various high-profile cases and represented some of the world’s largest corporations, among which was successfully negotiating compensation eligibility for family members of September 11 victims. One of his notable achievements was resolving that issue.

Phil Perry has chosen to live a relatively discreet personal life. He is married to Liz Cheney, an at-large Wyoming Representative whose father, former Vice President Dick Cheney is also from Wyoming and daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney; they share two children together.

Professional Career

Philip Perry built up much of his fortune through his professional career as an attorney. According to WyoFile, he held several prominent roles at both the Department of Justice and Homeland Security; additionally he has made appearances before both federal courts of appeals and district courts across the nation as well as appearing before the United States Supreme Court.

Since 2007, he has been a partner at Latham and Watkins where he handles national-scale litigation matters as part of his practice. Prior to that he served as lobbyist. Additionally, Euromoney Institutional Investor Benchmark: Litigation 2008 recognized him as an exceptional litigator.

Phil has invested in real estate and established a multifamily property development firm which currently manages 70 apartment complexes, yet remains humble and generous throughout his career.

Achievement and Honors

Philip Perry has earned great respect and admiration in the world of business for his adept business acumen, particularly as an investor of innovative technologies and promising startups he supports with resources for success.

Mr. Hovde has an avid interest in music and is an accomplished recording artist; with numerous well-received albums to his credit such as 2006’s Magic, 2009’s Gift of Love, and 2013’s Say Yes, among many others. Additionally, he is active philanthropist supporting several charitable causes.

Personal Life. He is married to Elizabeth Cheney, an alumna of Colorado College. They have five children together. In his personal life, he has managed to remain untarnished by scandal or controversy and enjoys living a contented and happy marriage free from unwelcome gossip or speculations.

Personal Life

Phil Perry is an unassuming family man who prefers to keep his personal life out of the limelight. With wife Anne Marie at their side, Phil and Anne Marie are committed to providing for the wellbeing of their children while sharing an interest for music together.

Philip Perry has been involved with many high-profile cases as both an attorney and lobbyist, appearing before various United States Courts of Appeal and District courts across the nation as well as working at a prominent law firm in Washington, DC.

Beyond his professional endeavors, he also makes time for charitable activities and has amassed an impressive investment portfolio that has significantly added to his net worth. Furthermore, he provides mentorship for budding entrepreneurs, which serves as evidence that money isn’t everything. This commendable behavior serves as an example that money alone doesn’t guarantee happiness.

Net Worth

Phil Perry is an accomplished businessman who has amassed an enormous fortune over his career. Currently serving as litigation partner at Latham and Watkins LLP and having held numerous high-ranking government posts previously, Mr. Perry continues to build upon this fortune today.

He is also an enthusiastic philanthropist who contributes generously to many charitable causes, holding firm to his belief that material wealth alone does not define success.

Philip is married to Liz Cheney, a Colorado College alumna. The couple share five children.

Liz is a member of the Republican Party and daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney; she currently represents Wyoming’s at-large congressional district in the House. However, her relationship with Mark remains private as they prefer keeping their lives out of public view.

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