Pictures Of Women In Bathing Suits

Pictures of Women in Bathing Suits

Pictures of Women in Bathing Suits

Whether you’re looking for some inspiration or simply a great photo of a gorgeous woman wearing a bathing suit, there are lots of photos out there. Below we’ve rounded up a selection of beautiful stock images of women in swimsuits that are sure to inspire you.

Old Fashioned Swimming Costumes

In the 1800s and early 1900s, women typically wore gown-like bathing suits. These were long dresses that didn’t show much skin, usually made of wool. They were topped with a scarf and lace up slipper shoes.

The Beach and the Sun

The beach was an important place for people to go to relax, spend time with friends, and enjoy sunny weather. In addition, people flocked to the beach for water-related activities such as fishing or swimming.

Glamour photography and swimsuits

The use of figure-hugging swimsuits has been a popular trend in glamour photography since the 1940s. Beauty contests also required contestants to wear revealing suits.

Regulations against swimsuits

In some parts of the United States, beaches had special deputies who patrolled the shore, checking for women who were wearing revealing bathing suits. If they saw a woman with too much skin showing, she could be arrested and sent to jail.

Muslim Women and Body-Covering Bathing Suits

In Grenoble, France, a citizens rights association has been fighting for a law that requires Muslims to cover their bodies in public pools. While it is unlikely this will become an issue in other countries, the struggle for body-covering swimsuits reflects a growing cultural desire for acceptance of women’s bodies in public spaces.

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