Plumber’s Jack

A Plumber’s Jack – Dan Stephan

Early Life and Education

Jack Stephan found great fulfillment and adventure as part of his plumbing business career. At that time, America was experiencing an unprecedented construction boom that required skilled plumbers. Young saw a great opportunity in opening his own plumbing firm as a means to making his living.

Northland College’s Construction Plumbing program emphasizes freedom as one of its main goals; community and technical schools strive to convey this idea that working in trades involves more than simply punching a clock: it means owning your own shop and planning your own future, not to mention creating a legacy you can pass down through generations of family.

Professional Career

Jack was dedicated to his craft and acquired experience working at his family’s plumbing business. After four years as an apprentice plumber he completed the journeyman program and obtained his journeyman license. Over time he continued working hard and eventually opened a plumbing company of his own.

Our company employs detailed procedures and provides new Service Professionals with full-time training to achieve peak performance quickly. Those dedicated to learning can quickly advance into supervisor and manager positions within our organization.

At our worksite, we specialize in polybutylene water line repairs and replacement. This challenging yet rewarding work demands professionalism at its highest level; and we take great pride in having an incredibly talented and dedicated plumbing team on board – their hard work makes customers smile!

Achievement and Honors

Jack is an award-winning competitor in plumbing. He has taken part in both SNIPEF’s SkillPlumb national competition and WorldSkills UK as a qualified candidate. Beyond his professional life, jack remains active within his community; recently winning the Guam Chamber of Commerce Small Business Champion award which recognizes small business members that excel by successfully meeting challenges head on while contributing to socioeconomic development of Guam.

Personal Life

Dan finds work rewarding and is passionate about helping customers resolve their plumbing issues. Listening carefully to his customers and providing solutions that meet their individual needs are among his core beliefs, which makes his job exciting as a Pittsburgh plumber and makes him proud of being part of this great city. In his free time he enjoys watching hockey games and sampling all that Pittsburgh cuisine has to offer.

Trevor Matthews stars as Jack Brooks, an aimless 20 something plumber with significant anger management issues brought on by witnessing his family being murdered by a monster during childhood. Working as a plumber during the day while attending night college chemistry classes at night for career growth. One of his professors requests him to help fix some issues at their haunted house home – something Jack accepts gladly but soon regrets when things start getting out of hand at his work site.

Net Worth

Plumbing jacks are usually constructed out of metal that can support heavy loads. Some models feature safety devices to prevent their tipping over. Others feature swivel heads to allow use in tight spaces while also helping ensure alignment.

This company provides plumbing, piping and gas services to industrial, commercial and residential clients – with most projects for new construction currently scheduled through 2023. They include inventory, FFE and six vehicles in their asking price – along with longstanding relationships with general contractors that allow for consistent quality works.

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