Porsha Family Matters Canceled

Porsha’s Family Matters Is Probably Canceled

If you are looking for some TV action this weekend, you might want to look for The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Porsha Williams’ spinoff, Porsha’s Family Matters. This series is about the family dynamics of the real life stars of RHOA. Although it is a bit late in the game, the show still has a lot to offer for fans of the cast.

Porsha’s Family Matters is a show that is likely to be canceled. In its first season, it was filled with drama. There was a major blowup between Porsha and her ex-fiance Dennis McKinley. They were in Mexico at the time, and they ended up fighting in front of cameras. As a result of this, Porsha is now engaged to her boyfriend, Simon. She is also facing some questions about the speed at which they got engaged.

On the show, Porsha and Dennis have been dealing with feelings and co-parenting issues. During their latest family trip, Porsha was forced to confront Dennis about his behavior towards her. The two had an argument that included shoving, shoving and even shoving. It appears that Porsha did not take the allegations seriously, or at least did not do a good job of defending herself.

One of the biggest blowups occurred on the show’s finale. Several members of the family were present, including Porsha and her cousin Lundi. While Lundi was trying to console the upset girl, Porsha blew up. When Londie asked Porsha how she was handling things, Porsha replied, “You’re touching me.” Despite being told that she was being rude, Londie was not apologetic. Ultimately, it was Porsha’s actions that caused the most harm.

The title character of Porsha’s Family Matters is Porsha Williams. She was a fan favorite on RHOA, and she has been in the spotlight for several episodes on the show. Her actions have caused a bit of a ruckus on the show, especially during the episode titled the “Self-Meanings of the Most Significant Things,” which focused on how Porsha and Dennis deal with their upcoming engagement.

Porsha’s Family Matters will be returning from its holiday hiatus on January 2 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo. Fans can watch the show on FuboTV and Hulu. After the episode airs, there will be some backlash from fans, and it is possible that Porsha will get axed. However, if the show is renewed, it could go on indefinitely.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s spinoff, Porsha’s FamilyMeans, is a show that is certainly a “moment”. Not only is it the real-life version of the RHOA, it also shows viewers how the Williams family deals with the ups and downs of family life. Aside from Porsha’s family, there are also other characters that appear on the show. Among them are Porsha’s sisters, aunts, and cousins. Some of these characters will be able to make the best of their relationship with Porsha. Other characters, such as Londie, are not as close.

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