Portland Rhinoplasty

Portland Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Rhinoplasty is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic nose jobs. It can help correct various issues related to noses such as crookedness, dorsal hump or bulbous tip.

At your initial consultation, digital imaging will be used to demonstrate possible cosmetic modifications to your nose. However, due to it being an elective surgery procedure and therefore non-covered by health insurance.

Early Life and Education

Rhinoplasty (nose job) is a facial plastic surgery procedure designed to address various aesthetic concerns. Rhinoplasty may correct crookedness in the nose, reduce prominent hump structures or enhance overall nasal balance and symmetry. Rhinoplasty requires skilled surgeons with experience who can produce natural-looking cosmetic results for lasting effects.

Under an open rhinoplasty procedure, small incisions are made on either side of the columella and inside each nostril to access and treat the nasal framework with maximum accuracy and precision. This technique ensures precision.

Dr Most is one of the premier rhinoplasty surgeons in Portland and has established a regional referral practice for complex procedures. Patients travel from across the West Coast for him to perform both primary and revision rhinoplasty surgery procedures.

Professional Career

Rhinoplasty is a highly-specialized operation, so patients should search for an experienced surgeon. A skilled rhinoplasty surgeon will be able to create natural-looking results that match with aesthetic goals of their patient, and correct both cosmetic and functional imperfections during rhinoplasty surgery.

Not only can nose surgeons perform cosmetic rhinoplasty procedures, they may also provide revision surgery for patients who have experienced complications following initial rhinoplasty treatments such as poor healing or external deformities.

rhinoplasty can improve facial balance and boost your confidence, so schedule a personal consultation to learn more about this transformative procedure and its potential effects. Learn about recovery, aftercare processes and finance options before making your decision.

Achievement and Honors

Dr. Gerecci is widely respected in facial plastic surgery. During medical school training she earned awards for her research into facial plastic & reconstructive surgery, and achieved high scores on national in-service exams. Following residency at Oregon Health & Science University for Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery she discovered her passion for facial plastic & reconstructive surgery and established herself as an authority.

She has served as an instructor in OHSU’s Rhinoplasty Course on alternate years and participated in the Portland Aging Face Symposium each year. Additionally, she has written several articles related to facial plastic surgery as well as lectured internationally to her peers.

Rhinoplasty, or nose reconstruction surgery, can improve both its cosmetic appearance and correct breathing issues caused by genetics, injury or previous nasal surgeries. Your surgeon can choose either an open or closed approach; an open technique includes an incision across the columella which separates nostrils; this will leave an unseen scar within the nose itself.

Personal Life

Rhinoplasty can be a transformative experience that enhances your self-image, boosts confidence and refines facial features. It may even help with breathing disorders or medical conditions that require correcting. Portland offers qualified facial plastic surgeons who specialize in this procedure for either reconstructive rhinoplasty or correcting birth defects.

Finding an ideal facial plastic surgeon requires taking into account several key factors. You should pay particular attention to their experience and training as well as before-and-after photos and patient reviews in your search for the ideal provider. Selecting a reputable surgeon will ensure you achieve desired results from your procedure.

Consultations typically last approximately thirty minutes and consist of in-person conversation and computer imaging, followed by evaluation by one or more surgeons to ascertain your desired results and discuss fees/scheduling. Follow-up appointments are key for a successful recovery experience.

Net Worth

If you are an ideal candidate for rhinoplasty, your surgeon will consider both your skin type and ethnicity when making his/her recommendation. Rhinoplasty may be performed either cosmetically or reconstructively – the latter usually covered by insurance policies.

Surgery may be conducted using either an open or scarless method with incisions concealed within the nose. This allows surgeons to sculpt and augment bone and cartilage structures into desired shapes before closing incisions with dissolvable sutures and closing any remaining incisions.

Rhinoplasty surgery works to create a natural-looking new nose, complementing your features and balancing proportions. Rhinoplasty can correct hereditary and traumatic nasal defects including breathing issues; and may even address persistent deviated septum or sinus conditions.

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