Pre K Teacher Twerk

Teacher’s Assistant Turns Twerker

Jessica Vanessa quit her job as a pre k teacher to pursue her dreams as a twerker

Until recently, Jessica Vanessa was a teacher’s assistant. She was working in a kindergarten in Florida and enjoyed it. However, she had a life-long dream of being “somebody big.” So, she quit her job and started a career as a twerker. Now she’s earning six figures from her videos on Vine, and has more than two million subscribers. She’s gotten plenty of abuse, but doesn’t delete her social media accounts.

Jessica Vanessa is an accomplished twerker who captivates audiences with her gyrating. She’s been called the “world’s number one twerker” by media. Her brother films her vines, and her grandmother applauds her twerking. As for how she makes money, Vanessa says it comes from advertisers who pay her to promote their products. She claims that what she makes in six seconds would take her four months as a teacher’s assistant. She’s used her twerking money to buy a car and pay off her school debt.

She says that her twerking career has given her a sense of self-confidence. Although her videos have received plenty of comments, she’s had two breakdowns. She says that her twerking has impacted her body image, and she has been subjected to “a lot of mean comments.” However, she’s also received a lot of love from her fans. As a result, she says she doesn’t regret her decision to quit her job.

Jessica Vanessa’s Vine twerking videos haven’t come easy

Using a Vine video to earn a six-figure income is no small feat. But professional twerker Jessica Vanessa has gotten there. She earns an impressive six-figure income from twerking her way around the world. And she does it in style. Her videos haven’t been easy, but they’ve been worth it. And she knows that twerking isn’t the only trick in the book.

The fact that she makes six-figures by twerking isn’t the whole story. She also makes a six-figure income by gyrating her way around the world, as well as earning a six-figure income by shaking her bottom. She’s also managed to pay off her student loans. But it’s her Vine videos that have caught the attention of advertisers, who offered to pay her to promote their products. She has over two million subscribers. Despite her success, she’s still subject to a lot of online bullying. And she hasn’t always been a happy camper.

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