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UNESCO Early Childhood Expert

R Benjamin offers advice and counsel regarding legal and policy issues surrounding the purchase, sale, development, financing and operation of energy infrastructure. She also assists clients with regulatory matters related to public utilities including cost allocation, certificates of public convenience and need and public utility regulatory law.

Benjamin established deep friendships with playwright Bertolt Brecht and Kabbalah scholar Gershom Scholem; further, he was related to German political theorist Hannah Arendt; their ideas continue to garner considerable scholarly consideration today.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood development is a period of remarkable brain activity that sets the stage for life-long learning, making early years one of the key determinants of health and social cohesion. According to UNESCO, investing in quality early education and care services is one of the greatest investments any country can make as it promotes gender equality, holistic development, and social cohesion.

Benjamin not only practiced law but was also known for publishing several books such as Poetic Gems by Peck & Allan of Charlottesville Virginia 1883 and Life of Toussaint L’Ouverture Warrior and Statesman by Valleau & Peterson Book and Job Printers of San Francisco Oregon 1894 – earning him recognition as perhaps America’s first African American journalist and poet.

Erik Erikson and Loris Malaguzzi, as early education theorists, each take different approaches in order to ensure children flourish during these crucial early years. All have one goal in mind – that children thrive during this period of their development.

Professional Career

Benjamin published and presented her research in the fields of information technology, law and human relations for over 35 years. Additionally, she taught negotiation mediation and conflict management seminars and workshops around the globe.

Ben is a senior litigation partner who advises and represents clients in employment-related litigation matters such as class and individual lawsuits. Additionally, he counsels companies regarding issues pertaining to ERISA as well as conducting due diligence audits in conjunction with business acquisitions.

Benjamin is fluent in Spanish and has represented various Latin American clients in U.S. litigation. Specifically, he successfully represented a Georgian business and political leader to have his citizenship reinstated; additionally he successfully represented an international corporation against complex tax disputes.

Achievement and Honors

He appeared in numerous television shows and movies such as Walter Matthau’s The Last Married Couple (1980), Scavenger Hunt (1979) and First Family. On Broadway he co-starred with wife Prentiss in Barefoot in the Park which ran for 261 performances; top billing in Neil Simon’s Sunshine Boys alongside George Burns and Walter Matthau before appearing alongside them both for its film version; top billed again supporting them both later.

Benjamin was an expert in comparative international education, authoring multiple books including The Saber Tooth Curriculum which examines school teaching philosophy and methods; Higher Education in Latin America and Caribbean Republics described its governance, financing, curriculum programs, selection processes and teaching methodologies; as well as The Importance of Formal Education and How to Get Ahead in Life by Thinking Differently which provided additional perspectives.

Personal Life

Benjamin was born to a Quaker family but only received minimal education due to needing to work on his parents’ farm. Luckily, Molly Welsh (also a suffragist), taught him to read.

He is best-known for his YouTube videos that educate creators on how to expand their audiences on various social media platforms including Tik Tok. His content has garnered him an extensive fan base on Tik Tok.

Dr. Benjamin founded and ran a rural health clinic in Alabama and has worked extensively in preventive medicine. She earned numerous honors and awards throughout her career and belongs to various professional organizations – among these were being named a Kellogg National Fellow and joining the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Net Worth

Benjamin has earned an ample sum of money through his career in acting. His income continues to increase over time and may soon make him one of the richest actors around.

He is an American actor of Ghanaian descent who fell in love with theatre, film and television at a very early age. He gained widespread acclaim for his work on She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

He is also a talented singer with many songs uploaded to YouTube and live concerts performed around the country, which have proved very popular on this platform. Additionally, he has released his own range of merchandise.

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