rarity’s house

Rarity – A Pooch With a Big House

Rarity is an affectionate and generous pony who lives in a large house that serves as her Carousel Boutique design shop. Her cutie mark includes three gems symbolizing fashion and generosity.

Home to many rooms including her dress studio complete with pony mannequins and movable stage, an inspiration room, and two bedrooms.

Early Life and Education

Rarity hails from an opulent family and enjoys living a privileged life, being well-off financially and living an extravagant lifestyle. She possesses a keen appreciation for beauty and fashion as well as being a sophisticated young lady.

Though she can often display dramatic or self-indulgent behaviors, she can also be generous and go out of her way to assist others. Her passion for fashion and beauty translates into her work as an haute couture designer where she crafts unique dresses designed to highlight an individual’s inner beauty.

Carousel Boutique, while her younger sister Sweetie Belle possesses an innocent charm with a knack for singing, seeking Rarity’s approval by performing as part of a musical duo; both represent elements of generosity in the Mane Six.

Professional Career

Rarity owns and runs Carousel Boutique in Equestria, providing dresses to its most notable ponies. She is known to help her friends through any struggles in their personal lives.

Suited for Success depicts her creating dresses for her friends to wear to the Grand Galloping Gala, but goes too far by making each according to their specifications – leading to fashion disaster.

She takes great pride in maintaining her appearance and cleanliness, evidenced by her reaction when getting dirty in Look Before You Sleep and her twitchy eye when seeing raccoons; using magical abilities for this purpose such as levitating her couch in Lesson Zero episode.

Achievement and Honors

Rarity’s career as a designer has seen much success, winning both fashion shows in A Canterlot Wedding Part 1 & Part 2, designing Princess Cadance’s gown and bridesmaid dresses, as well as designing Sapphire Shores’ clothing in For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils.

Rarity is known for her kindhearted nature and willingness to assist those she considers friends, as seen in Suited for Success when she created five dresses tailored to meet each friend’s desires.

The Mane Six attempted to prevent her from reading the newspaper that contained the negative review of her shop, but failed and it still came across. Additionally, she demonstrated the value of inner beauty by telling Campfire Tales about Mistmane’s sacrifice to spread beauty throughout Equestria.

Personal Life

Rarity is an elegant fashionista who specializes in crafting artistic dresses to highlight wearers’ inner beauty. As she’s rich, Rarity enjoys lavish lifestyle and treats her friends like family. Her cutie mark represents both her talent for gemstone prospecting as well as passion for beauty; three diamonds represent this.

Rarity Belle may come off as being dramatic and self-indulgent, but she actually has an extremely generous spirit who enjoys spoiling her friends. The Mane Six are often asked “What would Rarity Belle Do?” when performing tasks at her store – such as Pinkie Pie trying to convince DJ Pon-3 to play more shopping music or Applejack gently rejecting Plaid Stripes’ idea for spoon clothes from Plaid Stripes; Rainbow Dash trying to hire new staff or Fluttershy trying to force out those pesky raccoons out!

Net Worth

Rarity’s work ethic is admirable and she invests a large portion of her profits back into her products. Additionally, Rarity is well known as being generous with giving makeovers to friends even when she doesn’t have enough funds herself to do it herself.

Applejack appears to have amassed considerable wealth due to both her inheritance and connections with Twilight Sparkle; furthermore, both parents seem to possess considerable funds as well.

Rarity becomes convinced by Discord that she believes a boulder is actually a diamond in The Return of Harmony Part 1, becoming possessive and greedy as she protects it while hoarding other items she considers valuable.

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