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McCain Is One of the Richest Members of Congress

As soon as he reached $5 Million as an HNWI, it sent shockwaves through the financial industry and investment experts noted he is in an exclusive group.

At the core of all presidential races lies an essential question: “What makes someone rich?”

Early Life and Education

McCain’s early life was marked by frequent moves as his family followed military duty stations around the United States. By age 18, he had attended more than 20 schools.

McCain co-sponsored legislation with Senator Ted Kennedy that would have expanded border security and provided undocumented immigrants a path towards citizenship, yet was blocked due to a filibuster. This effort ultimately failed.

Cindy McCain and her siblings make significant donations to local causes and have advocated on behalf of Hensley Industries (owner of Anheuser-Busch). According to congressional financial disclosure forms, their assets total around $10 Million.

Professional Career

The McCains support humanitarian organizations such as HALO Trust, which specializes in clearing land mines; Operation Smile, which repairs facial deformities; and CARE, an organization dedicated to fighting poverty. Furthermore, they work against human trafficking, promote same-sex marriage, and assist veterans.

McCain worked closely with Democratic senators during the 108th Congress to pass legislation to establish and strengthen airport security, and served as chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Additionally, he assisted in leading investigations into both Jack Abramoff’s Indian casino scandal as well as government procurement practices.

McCain has earned numerous accolades throughout his political career, including receiving the nation’s highest civilian award – The National Medal of Freedom. On 22 November 2014, McCaw captained the All Blacks for 100 times, surpassing Brian O’Driscoll of Ireland as most-capped player worldwide.

Achievement and Honors

Even while recovering, he was given command of VA-46’s squadron of A-4 Skyhawk aircraft, leading it through budget shortfalls, parts shortages and low morale. Under his leadership the squadron received its inaugural meritorious unit commendation, in addition to receiving three Silver Stars, three Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts as awards for outstanding leadership.

In 1977, McCain was promoted to lieutenant commander and assigned to the Office of Legislative Liaison in the Navy’s Legislative Liaison Division. There he served as liaison between Senate Armed Services Committee members and Navy delegations visiting overseas locations, often accompanying delegations during overseas travels.

In the 108th Congress, McCain co-wrote legislation creating the 9/11 Commission and championed bipartisan campaign finance reform. Additionally, he chaired the Senate Armed Services Committee. During the 109th Congress he helped commission a guided-missile destroyer named after both of his grandfathers, while also advocating for women and minorities within military service.

Personal Life

Newsweek reports that Senator McCain and Cindy, his wife, own at least four homes between Arizona, California and Virginia, according to Newsweek. Additionally, they own stock in a frozen meat company as well as having stakes in various Arizona businesses including the Phoenix Suns basketball team and Arizona Diamondbacks baseball club. His family owns stakes in Hensley – an Arizona beer distributorship being acquired by Belgian brewer InBev – though congressional financial disclosure forms don’t provide details regarding Hensley or McCain’s other assets.

McCain campaigned in an unassuming, low-key presidential bid that featured his criticisms of Governor George W. Bush’s tax cuts enacted in Texas, saying they never really felt their effects; in addition, he advocated expanding Social Security while co-authoring, with Russ Feingold, one version of McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform legislation.

Net Worth

John McCain is one of the richest members of Congress thanks to a combination of Senate salary, book royalties and Naval pension benefits that provide his wealth. However, only a portion of it lies with him directly; most is held by Cindy Hensley McCain who owns most of it according to Celebrity Net Worth estimates; together they reportedly hold stakes in Hensley & Co of Phoenix along with real estate in Arizona, California and Virginia that they inherited via Hensley family trusts and inheritance.

The McCains’ wealth remained relatively consistent during 2007, growing only 1 percent year-to-year. Ballotpedia can track these changes because members must file Personal Finance Disclosure forms during their candidacy, showing the total worth excluding home equity of an elected representative.

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