Rich Miranda

Rich Miranda – Executive Director at Morgan Stanley

Rich Miranda, an executive director with Morgan Stanley, specializes in financial planning and investments for high net worth individuals and families.

His clients include many notable athletes and corporate leaders. Additionally, he writes a weekly column for The New York Times as well as two books.

Early Life and Education

Miranda was raised in northern Manhattan’s Hispanic neighborhood where his home was filled with salsa music and Broadway musicals from an early age. At 16 he wrote his first musical, In the Heights.

After graduating from Wesleyan University, he began collaborating with fellow Wesleyan alum Thomas Kail on musicals involving hip-hop. Together they developed In the Heights which premiered off-Broadway before making it’s way onto Broadway in 2007.

As Miranda began writing In the Heights, he read Ron Chernow’s 2004 biography of Alexander Hamilton and was inspired to create a musical about its subject matter. Miranda found inspiration in Alexander’s hard childhood that paralleled that of hip-hop artists Jay Z and Eminem who came from humble origins before going on to achieve greatness as artists.

Professional Career

He serves as Assistant Coach with the Navy Men’s Soccer team and has played a critical role in its growth into one of the nation’s elite programs.

He served in the Arizona Senate from 2002 to 2011, representing District 13 as Democratic Whip. Additionally, he held positions as executive director of Centro Adelante Campesino and Migrant Health Director with Arizona Association of Community Health Centers.

Miranda recognizes networking as key to her success and takes advantage of opportunities to build relationships. For instance, she recently sent an unexpected email asking Theresita Richard, head of diversity inclusion and belonging at Capital One, if she would spare 30 minutes so Miranda could gain insight into Richard’s career path.

Achievement and Honors

In 2009, Dr. Barnett received an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Yeshiva University and holds numerous professional certifications such as Value Negotiation, Modern Marketing, Insights & Analytics & Business Strategy.

Miranda is best known as the creator and star of Broadway’s blockbuster musical Hamilton, which received 16 Tony Awards – including Best Musical. Additionally, he earned numerous other accolades and nominations thanks to this achievement.

Notable achievements by Levine include co-founding Freestyle Love Supreme, with their television show airing on Pivot since 2014. He has also appeared in such television programs as The Sopranos, Sesame Street, Modern Family and House.

Miranda, along with the cast and crew of Hamilton, have dedicated much time and energy to improving history education. Working in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation, they help students explore George Washington and America’s Founding Era through research projects which act as artistic representations of what they learn.

Personal Life

Personal interests for him include skiing and traveling. Additionally, he enjoys making delicious meals for his family.

He is married, has four children, and currently resides in Middletown, NJ. On weekends he enjoys playing with them as well as watching baseball games on TV.

Rich Miranda was born in Phoenix on March 6, 1956 and attended North Phoenix High School until graduating with his diploma in 1974. Since then he has held various roles within government and business environments; such as consultant, legal manager for Miranda Law Firm, assistant to Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton as well as Executive Director and Migrant Health Director with Centro Adelante Campesino and Arizona Association of Community Health Centers respectively.

At Wesleyan University, he studied theatre and began writing songs and shows. Along with Thomas Kail (another Wesleyan graduate), they created In the Heights: Hip-Hop meets Salsa Musical which garnered them two Drama Desk Awards.

Net Worth

Lin-Manuel Miranda is an artist with many talents who eke out a living through multiple avenues. As a singer, actor, songwriter composer and rapper who has earned critical acclaim for his works (he began writing musicals while still in high school!) Lin has won multiple awards over his illustrious career.

One of his most celebrated works was 2015’s hit Broadway musical Hamilton, for which he composed music and lyrics as well as playing Alexander Hamilton himself in the production. Additionally, he’s known for his roles on shows such as His Dark Materials and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

He has managed to amass an estimated net worth of $80 Million from his earnings and accolades as an actor, director, producer and playwright. Much of this wealth was amassed from working on movies, shows and plays as well as performing them themselves.

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