Ricky Jack

Ricky Jack (Wrestling)

Jack is Ricky Jr’s biological father in EastEnders and also raised Roxy’s son James Branning, while acting as stepdad to Denise’s children Chelsea, Libby and Raymond. From 2016-2018 Henri Charles played him; since then Frankie Day has taken on this role.

Bianca discovers her unborn child has spina bifida and hydrocephalus, leading her to terminate it and later finding out it was actually Ricky’s baby from their one-night stand.

Early Life and Education

Sam fell pregnant with Ricky under false pretenses and tried to pass herself off as his biological father, yet Bianca soon learned the truth after discovering their affair, forcing Sam out of Albert Square with Ricky; leaving Ronnie behind to raise him instead.

Bianca Evans (Lucy Speed) had an affair with him after Bianca found out. This storyline became one of the show’s more contentious narrative arcs.

Azariah’s father also featured prominently in Azariah’s mother’s storyline; their baby was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus – two conditions known to cause severe disabilities – prompting their lawyers to settle a custody battle over him.

Professional Career

Jack has several children, including son Ricky and daughter Lily. Additionally, he serves as stepdad to Denise Mitchell’s children Chelsea, Libby, and Raymond; in addition to having James Mitchell (his stepson with Ronnie Mitchell who died days after birth).

Bianca and Ricky meet Carol Jackson (Lindsey Coulson) and her boyfriend Dan Sullivan (Craig Fairbrass). Soon thereafter they learn that Carol is pregnant but that a prenatal scan reveals her baby is suffering from spina bifida and hydrocephalus; consequently she terminates it to save both herself and her child’s lives.

At first, he gets caught up in Lily’s family drama when she and Stacey start rekindling their romance, covering for Lily when asked at a family group conference how she afforded some baby equipment, then later encouraging her to return to school.

Achievement and Honors

Jack has enjoyed an impressive career in wrestling and won several championships over time, such as three NWA World Heavyweight Champion titles and four WCW World Tag Team Championships – in addition to being inducted into WWE Hall of Fame once.

Sam attempts to reconcile with Ricky after discovering she is pregnant but things quickly go south; ultimately she moves with Grant to Portugal leaving Ricky and Liam behind in Walford.

In April, viewers were shocked to see Ricky appear at the Square looking much older than before. Later he returned as an architect with a business in Germany before leaving again to look after his son in Berlin. Frankie Day took over Henri Charles’ role of Ricky and first made an appearance when Ricky injured his ankle playing football, spoiling Cindy Williams (Mimi Keene).

Personal Life

Ricky Jack was always a troubled youth, but even after moving to Walford his troubles continued. Together with Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf), he plotted against her boss, Jack Branning (Sid Owen). They even attempted to get Jack Branning pregnant as part of a scheme!

Jack attempted to steer him back towards a healthy lifestyle by cooking him better food, taking away his gaming console and encouraging him to join Scouts – efforts which appeared successful as now the young man is both happy and responsible.

Leo assisted him in enrolling at St Francis College in Brooklyn Heights and currently works there as a car mechanic with his partner Maggie (Louise Marr). Together they have one child: John.

Net Worth

Ricky boasts an impressive net worth and makes money through YouTube channel revenue, sponsorships, collaborations and merchandise sales. As an established TikToker and Instagrammer with millions of followers.

Alan Carr is known for hosting numerous popular British talk and game shows such as Countdown and Alan Carr: Chatty Man. His talent for entertaining combined with strong work ethics have contributed greatly to his success.

After several months, Sam decides to keep the baby. She asks Jack for a DNA paternity test in order to be certain it is Ricky’s son; results confirm this theory but Jack feels betrayed and leaves Walford. Eventually he meets Roxy; her success as a model and fashion blogger helps his finances significantly.

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