Robert Clohessy Net Worth

Robert Clohessy Net Worth – An Overview of the Actor Robert Clohessy

Robert Clohessy is a gifted American actor who has enjoyed tremendous success through his acting career. He is best known for playing Officer Sean Murphy in Oz TV series and Warden Boss James Neary in Boardwalk Empire crime series on HBO.

He is also well known for playing Sergeant Sid Gormley on CBS police drama Blue Bloods since its premiere season.

Early Life and Education

Robert Clohessy is an outstanding actor with 61 years old who has achieved remarkable success through appearing in multiple movies and TV series, such as HBO drama Oz and Ohara. He is best known for portraying Correctional Officer Sean Murphy and Lieutenant George Shaver respectively.

Born in Bronx, New York, Clohessy honing his acting abilities at SUNY Purchase before making his Broadway debut with Biloxi Blues in 1988.

Since then, Clohessy has amassed more than 140 film and television credits. He is best-known for his roles as Lt. Sid Gormley on CBS show Blue Bloods where he regularly spars with Tom Selleck’s Commissioner Frank Reagan each Friday evening; 16 Blocks and A Most Violent Year also boast him among their cast of actors.

Professional Career

American actor Robert Clohessy has made himself a name in Hollywood with his exceptional acting skills. He has graced television series, feature films and stage productions including OZ: Prison Drama on HBO and Blue Bloods on CBS television shows – two titles which stand out among his impressive acting resume.

Clohessy was featured in over 140 film, TV, and stage projects during his long and distinguished career. Starting his acting journey at Hartford Stage Company in 1987 before appearing in multiple Off-Broadway productions; then moving onto Boy Meets World, Guiding Light, Hill Street Blues daytime TV series as well as big-screen features including Across the Universe, The Place Beyond Pines and 27 Dresses films he left a mark that lives on today.

Achievement and Honors

Robert Clohessy has established himself as an accomplished actor, boasting an impressive body of film and television credits including Sons of Anarchy, Blue Bloods, Oz, New Amsterdam, and Hill Street Blues.

Clohessy’s acting career has earned him numerous honors and praise. He is best-known for playing Lieutenant Sid Gormley on Blue Bloods and Correctional Officer Sean Murphy on HBO series Oz.

He has appeared in multiple feature films, such as Across the Universe, The Crimson Mask and 27 Dresses. Additionally, Clohessy has made numerous daytime television appearances like Boy Meets World, Guiding Light and Hill Street Blues. As an avid Mets fan he remains active within their community.

Personal Life

Clohessy is a family man, father to Myles and Byron. While neither son has chosen acting, both respect their father’s work ethic.

Clohessy has appeared in various movies and television shows throughout his career, most notably as Lt. Sean Renard on NBC drama Boardwalk Empire and Correctional Officer Sean Murphy in HBO prison series Oz. Additionally he has made appearances off-Broadway plays 16 Blocks and The Place Beyond the Pines as a leading man.

Robert Clohessy and Catherine Erhardt have been happily married since 1987 and share two children. Robert is an impressive actor whose skills have earned him a substantial income throughout his career. His fans truly adore his performances!

Net Worth

Robert Clohessy is an immensely gifted actor who has won over audiences on both small and big screens with his incredible performances, earning critical praise as well as substantial wealth.

Clohessy has played several notable acting roles, such as Correctional Officer Sean Murphy in HBO’s Oz and Detective Lieutenant Sid Gormley on CBS drama Blue Bloods. Additionally, he has appeared in multiple movies such as Across the Universe, 16 Blocks, 27 Dresses and The Avengers.

Clohessy has found a balance between his acting career and personal life despite its busy nature, taking time out for family, friends and his beloved New York Mets baseball team. Living in Brooklyn with his wife and daughter.

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