Robert Dekeyser Net Worth

Robert Dekeyser Net Worth – Age, Height, Cars, Family & More

Robert Dekeyser Net Worth, Age, Height, Cars, Family & More

Robert Dekeyser is an iconic Association Football Player with an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million earned through his professional playing career as an association footballer.

Gina Gershon and Robert Dekeyser may no longer be romantic partners, yet both continue to flourish in their respective careers.

Early Life and Education

Dekeyser is a globally renowned figure who has found great success. An entrepreneur himself, Dekeyser possesses immense wealth. On social media he boasts millions of followers.

He has several tattoos on his body and an attractive look. He has appeared in multiple movies and earned himself a good name within the industry.

He was previously married to Gina Gershon but they later separated. Since then he has focused on his business goals alone. With an expansive social media following and recognition for his philanthropy work – DEDON Furniture is owned by him along with Nay Palad Resort in the Philippines; additionally his Dekeyser & Friends Foundation offers support to social projects.

Professional Career

Dekeyser had one idea for his comeback career when he left professional soccer at 26 in 1990 – furniture manufacturing in Munich. Today, his furniture company sells worldwide thanks to Dekeyser’s unyielding work ethic and emphasis on employee happiness (he provides above-average pay as well as free health care for his 3,000 factory workers).

Dekeyser & Friends was established by Dekeyser in 2009 to bring young people from around the globe together in Bavaria’s mountain village of Schliersee, where they meet mentors such as double Olympic champion skier Markus Wasmeier. Soon after returning home in 2010, less than one year after opening DEDON’s first US subsidiary and showroom, Dekeyser opened it fully-owned subsidiary DEDON USA LLC with its headquarters located in New York City.

He and Gina Gershon have been dating since 2012, focusing their energies on their individual careers and business ventures.

Achievement and Honors

Dekeyser has made an immeasurable mark on both business and philanthropy with his creation of DEDON, a luxury outdoor furniture brand with global reach, as well as his establishment of the Dekeyser and Friends Foundation to assist young change agents.

Dekeyser has collaborated with designers such as Philippe Starck and Jean-Marie Massaud on his DEDON collections. As an “people person” he shows great care for his employees by offering above average pay and free health insurance policies.

Dekeyser is best-known in celebrity circles for his 2012-2016 relationship with Gina Gershon, which earned considerable media coverage during that time and ultimately resulted in their eventual breakup in 2016.

Personal Life

Robert Dekeyser is an esteemed entrepreneur and former association football player. He founded Dedon, which offers custom handcrafted outdoor furniture.

Dekeyser&Friends Company currently distributes to more than 80 countries globally and its entrepreneur is also an avid philanthropist, having founded the Dekeyser&Friends Foundation to fund social projects and help build sustainable livelihoods for others.

He is also the proprietor of Nay Palad, a luxury resort in Siargao. As an energetic individual with great dedication and passion for his goals, he is loved by all and revered by many. A great role model for young entrepreneurs alike, his personality shines through on social media platforms where he often shares his ideas and views on various subjects.

Net Worth

Dekeyser has amassed considerable wealth through his primary career as an association football player; yet he takes part in various philanthropic activities through the DEDON Foundation, supporting various social projects while aiding individuals build sustainable livelihoods.

Dekeyser is also the founder of Nay Palad, a beach resort in Siargao. An avid enthusiast for nature and sustainable living, Dekeyser loves his work passionately and strives to expand it and improve it each time he works on improving it further.

Robert Dekeyser is an acclaimed entrepreneur who has successfully expanded DEDON into an international brand that sells luxury outdoor furniture to more than 80 countries around the world. An avid traveler himself, Robert likes exploring new destinations with his wife and children.

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