Robert Rambo

Colonel Rambo was an accomplished classical Hawaiian steel guitar player. He was an active member of both the 503rd Parachute RCT Association and Returned and Services League of Australia.

In First Blood, Rambo hitchhikes to Hope, Washington via hitchhiking where Sheriff Teasle recognizes him immediately due to his long, unkempt hair and army jacket.

Early Life and Education

Rambo was born in Burnside, Kentucky to Earnest M Rambo and Ruby Rickett and became one of three siblings, alongside Iva Arlene Rambo and Clinton E Rambo he was also related to Donna J Paderson (his sister-in-law).

He served in the Vietnam War as an American soldier before being captured by North Vietnamese forces near China-Vietnamese border and held in captivity by them for about 18 months, during which time he was tortured and nearly killed before managing to escape and rejoin his unit.

Rambo was hitchhiking through Hope, Washington when he was picked up by police chief Teasle and brought back to the station for arrest. While in custody he experienced flashbacks to his time as a POW in Vietnam; officers attempted to dry shave him but instead snapped and beat all officers while retrieving his survival knife which caused Rambo to snap and beat each one before hijacking a motorcycle and fleeing into nearby mountains.

Professional Career

Rambo boasts an imposing physique owing to his military training and physical fitness regimen, and is an expert at hand-to-hand combat and guerrilla tactics. Due to his high strength and stamina, Rambo can survive in dense forests against multiple enemies with ease.

Rambo also founded Legends Lacrosse organization and hosts clinics nationwide to teach youth players how to improve both on and off the field.

Professor Rambo made an impactful mark during her tenure, dedicating herself and passionately supporting her students. We thank her for all she did for our university and wish her the best in all her future endeavours.

Achievement and Honors

The Rambo series of movies represents many unresolved ideologies in American culture. They question America’s role as an international police force while challenging mythical cultural constructions pervasive throughout our society – for instance in First Blood Rambo battles a group of weekend hunters that appear similar to Marlboro Man.

This film series delves deeper into the psychological impacts of war. The protagonist endures post traumatic stress disorder, survivor’s guilt, and social alienation. Furthermore, this series highlights the inherent conflict between an army’s duty and individual values.

In 2023, the Club Foundation created a scholarship in memory of pioneer and mentor Sally Burns Rambo that is presented annually to students attending Texas A&M School of Law who demonstrate excellence and commitment in legal education.

Personal Life

Robert Rambo was born on April 18, 1918 and passed away December 4, 2001, aged 82. He worked at Lukens Steel Company in Coatesville as a metallurgist before attending Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Brandamore as parishioner and US Army veteran.

He earned both his BA in History from Virginia Military Institute and teaching certificate from University of Virginia-Wise. Specializing in Cherokee studies, and portraying Attakullakulla since 1993 for parks, schools, universities, powwows and Kentucky Humanities Council’s Chautuaqua program is his area of expertise.

Zahniser indicates they’re building their home according to Ron’s wishes: for instance, height-adjustable features have been included so anyone can use them comfortably and he wants the home to serve as both an example for equitable housing as well as being used as an incubator laboratory for experiments in inclusive design.

Net Worth

Rambo the Roan Stallion is an internationally acclaimed world champion competitor in various events such as tie-down roping, breakaway roping, team roping and goat tying. Additionally he has competed in steer wrestling and hazing competitions earning himself the nickname of Rambo The Horse! Owned by Mary with their four legged children Toby and Lucky as co-owners.

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