Rocky Pennington Jewelry Designer

Raquel Pennington – Jewelry Designer

Raquel Pennington is a professional jewelry designer who runs her own yoga studio in Los Angeles. Her jewelry designs are available on her official website. She also has a YouTube channel where she posts yoga videos. If you are interested in learning yoga, you can check out her classes on the website.

As a jewelry designer, she is the owner of the jewelry line, Hanuman Heart. Located in Los Angeles, California, the company offers custom beaded and gemstone jewelry.

In May 2017, it was announced that Raquel Pennington and Rocky Pennington were engaged. They have been dating for several years and live together in Colorado. Despite the news, Pennington has not revealed anything about her family on social media. However, she has shared several photos with her family.

She is a self-confessed travel junkie and is seen often on her social media accounts. She likes to do painting in her spare time. And she encourages her students to “open their hearts”.

She is a certified yoga instructor and she owns her own yoga institute in Los Angeles. Moreover, she has launched her own jewelry store, Raqie Shop. It has a separate IG profile where she can display her jewelry collection.

She has been a friend of Amber Heard for a long time. They are said to be best friends. Since her split from Johnny Depp, Raquel has been supporting her. While she is not listed as a witness in the domestic violence restraining order against Depp, she has appeared as a witness for her.

Raquel and Rocky Pennington were neighbors when they were married. However, the couple split after a few months. But Pennington has continued to support Heard even when the pair were caught up in a domestic dispute. For example, she was photographed supporting Heard after her court hearing. When she broke down crying, Pennington was there to pick her up.

Pennington has a lot of followers on Instagram. She has over 7.4K followers as of May 2022. She is a well-known name in the United States. Many people have mistaken her for the actress, but she is actually a jewelry designer.

Her mother is an alumnus of the University of Texas at Austin and she has a career in the film industry. Some of her social media pictures are replete with yoga poses.

Pennington has two children. A daughter, Tecia, and a son, Kelly. She has a passion for life in Los Angeles and she has a taste for glamorous lifestyles.

After Amber Heard filed for a restraining order against Johnny Depp in 2016, she had her best friend Rocky Pennington as one of her witnesses. The two went through the proceedings in good spirits and left the courtroom in a waiting limousine.

In 2014, Pennington stepped into the world of yoga. She taught Anusara yoga. This modern-day Hatha yoga system was founded by John Friend in 1997. Now, she is teaching Urth yoga in Silverlake.

In addition to her yoga classes, she also teaches a yoga class online. Besides her jewelry line, she earns a decent income from her career as a yoga instructor.

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