Santana 20

Carlos Santana and the Santana 20

W. Shad Turner designed and Schock W.D began manufacturing the Santana 20 in 1976; since then it has become an active day sailor, one-design racer, pocket cruiser with its own class association and active racing fleet. It features low stretch crosscut dacron sails which are easy to trim while remaining in their shape.

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Early Life and Education

Santana began exploring jazz fusion during the early 1970s and soon after became a disciple of Sri Chinmoy. Disillusioned with rock music of that era, he found comfort through spiritual teachings and meditation; eventually working alongside musicians such as John McLaughlin and Jan Hammer.

By the late ’90s, he had released multiple albums such as Spirits Dancing in the Flesh and Milagro; however, none of these records charted at number one and sales had significantly declined.

She is majoring in Psychology with a concentration in Developmental Disabilities and Human Services and minoring in Spanish, and enjoys reading, writing and sailing as pastimes. After graduation she hopes to pursue a career in education; currently she’s part of UMass Sail Team and volunteers with local organizations.

Professional Career

Santana made his mark at Woodstock Festival with his Latin music in 1969, where it won over audiences with its infectious rhythm and catchy guitar style. Since then he has released over 40 albums and sold more than 100 million records worldwide. His guitar style is known for its crystal tone and clean arcing sustain.

Keels of these boats are formed by pouring molten lead into an immersed fiberglass shell, which causes its shape to change due to being immersed in water, creating hollows and waves in its keel.

One of the key changes in production was switching out square cutouts for round inspection ports in V and quarter berths, creating improved ventilation that allows sailors to handle heavier winds without fear of broaching and taking on water. Furthermore, this allows helmsman and trimmer teams to communicate more effectively for optimal performance.

Achievement and Honors

Carlos Santana has earned the respect of music enthusiasts worldwide through his performances both onstage and the waters of Oregon’s Fern Ridge reservoir, cementing himself as one of its true virtuosos. Recognized with numerous honors including membership into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well as Billboard Lifetime Achievement award and Century award, Carlos’ genius can be heard everywhere you turn in music today.

Kerry Kiesler has been sailing a Santana 20 since 1994 and is an invaluable source of information regarding tuning, sail shape and design. Additionally he serves as principal race officer at this year’s National Championships at Cascade Locks where he sits with Andrew Kerr to discuss both his sailing experience and class. Kerry favors North Paneled Laminate sails which offer superior strength without stretching as much. This type of sail is the preference among top sailors in Santana 20 racing.

Personal Life

Santana was first taught violin at five by his violinist father; later he switched to playing guitar at eight. To help finance his music career, he worked as a dishwasher and street musician to support himself while simultaneously founding the Santana Blues Band in San Francisco in 1966.

Shad Turner designed the Santana 20 as an easy and stable one-design sailboat, perfect for young sailors learning racing skills and trailering along for races. These trailerable boats have proven highly competitive against one another!

North Sails produces string sails made of high-performance 2D laminate fabric that resists heat, water, UV radiation and abrasion at levels unmatched by any string sail on the market. Their mainsail model is known as the GP-09 with an additional white spinnaker included for additional sail coverage.

Net Worth

Carlos Santana is a multi-platinum and Grammy Award winning musician whose estimated net worth stands at $200 Million. He founded the Supernatural Tour and previously led Santana band as lead guitarist.

Gregg Rolie and Michael Carabello of Santana returned in 2016 with a new album and tour under their original Latin rock sound with Freedom as their album title.

Jason Crowson owns and sails a Santana 20 Sea Bear in Fleet 12 and has raced across the country in various class races. Additionally, he co-owns an Express 27 Moxie which has won both Camellia Cup and Coastal Cup competitions on multiple occasions and placed in the top five at Express 27 Nationals several times as well.

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