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Scarlett Costello, 19, Rocks Her Unibrow Like Frida Kahlo

Costello Music was released to wide critical acclaim in 2006 and combines contemporary rock with punk references from the 70’s. Costello collaborated with Burt Bacharach on several songs for musical theatre productions, and released For the Stars together with mezzo-soprano Anne Sofie von Otter.

While other models attempt to thin their thick unibrows into two distinct lines, Scarlett has made her own signature feature by accepting and even celebrating them as part of her look.

Early Life and Education

Scarlett Costello had always admired Frida Kahlo and was proud of her unique beauty; her mother encouraged Scarlett to embrace it even though her thick eyebrows caused mockery among classmates and acquaintances.

Costello joined jazz musician Bill Frisell for their 1996 live album Extreme Honey. It included both jazz standards and original material written by both artists; two compositions by Costello himself could be heard in there as well.

On his 1980 album Get Happy!!, Elvis Costello adopted a sound influenced by vintage American soul music and developed a more direct lyrical style that combined contemporary cultural imagery with both literary allusions and modern pop references. He used this approach on subsequent albums such as King of America (1986) and Spike (1989). Costello wrote a chamber opera entitled Secret Songs about Hans Christian Andersen’s infatuation with Swedish soprano Jenny Lind; its songs have since been released on his 2009 release “Secret, Profane & Sugarcane”.

Professional Career

Scarlett Costello is proudly rocking a natural unibrow. Although she receives criticism from haters about it, Scarlett believes her unibrow stands out in the modeling industry and makes her more memorable to casting agents.

In 2005, Costello ventured into classical music through his collaboration with the Brodsky Quartet and recorded jazz standards with Marian McPartland for her album of jazz standards titled Marian McPartland Plays Marian McPartland Jazz Standards; also that year, he reunited with The Attractions to record “Brutal Youth”, an album that reignited their post-punk fervor.

Through the decade, he recorded music of various genres, such as his collaboration with singer/pianist Allen Toussaint on their jazz album River in Reverse and collaboration with the Roots on their 2008 album Folie a Deux.

Achievement and Honors

Society has become more accepting of women with natural body hair, yet Scarlett still receives occasional criticism for her unibrow. However, according to Scarlett she is happy that more positive responses come her way than negative ones regarding her unibrows.

Costello also collaborated with classical ensemble the Brodsky Quartet and composed music for a ballet based on A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare. His album with the Imposters North earned a Grammy nomination as Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album.

Costello has collaborated on songs with some of music’s premier figures, including Paul McCartney, Burt Bacharach and New Orleans R&B composer Allen Toussaint (New Orleans R&B singer-songwriter Allen Toussaint was named Artist of the Year). Additionally he won two Grammy awards, four Dutch Edison awards and an MTV Video Music award during his time.

Personal Life

Scarlett Costello, 19, proudly wears her thick unibrow as part of her signature look and embraces it without compromise for fashion modelling jobs. Sometimes channelling Frida Kahlo-esque qualities she used to wax it for modeling gigs before realizing this had become part of her signature look.

From the late ’70s through to the early ’80s, Costello and the Attractions released albums that consistently placed high in Village Voice’s Pazz & Jop critics poll. Blood and Chocolate was heralded for its post-punk energy and featured Nick Lowe back as producer.

Costello was also known for experimenting with classical music, recording an acclaimed album with the Brodsky Quartet. Additionally, he worked on an album of Tin Pan Alley songs with New Orleans singer/songwriter Allen Toussaint.

Net Worth

19-year-old model doesn’t care about following trends when it comes to her unibrows; instead she proudly rocks them every selfie and shoot. Although her look has received positive comments on social media platforms such as Twitter, some users may still comment negatively.

Costello first made his mark as a singer-songwriter when he joined London’s popular pub rock music scene during the early 70s, according to Celebrity Net Worth. His first album My Aim Is True became widely acclaimed.

While recording as an artist, he released hits such as “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding,” an uptempo Sam & Dave ballad that became an international hit; country songs including Jerry Chestnut’s “A Good Year for the Roses,” as well as Charles Aznavour’s hit “She” were recorded and published during this period of time. Furthermore, his musical career inspired two books and memoir writing projects by Charles Aznavour as well.

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