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Shea McGee Net Worth

If you are interested in Shea McGee’s net worth, you’ve come to the right place. She is an interior designer, TV personality, and owner of an online furniture store. While she hasn’t shared much about her personal life, her parents run a small business in Texas. She also has a brother, Syd, who she married in 2000.

Shea McGee is an interior designer

After graduating from college with a degree in communications, Shea McGee realized that she wanted to pursue a career in interior design. After remodeling the couple’s first home, she decided to turn her passion into a business. Since then, she has grown her business into a multi-million dollar company. Eventually, she started an e-commerce brand and gained a devoted following.

Originally from Texas, Shea McGee began working as an interior designer in 2013. She has since become one of the top design influencers on Instagram, with 1.4 million followers. She studied at Brigham Young University and married her husband, Syd, shortly after graduation. They now live in Laguna Beach, CA.

Shea McGee is a TV personality

Shea McGee is a television personality who focuses on home renovation. She and her husband Syd McGee met while attending college. They took a liking to each other right away and have two daughters together. The couple lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. They regularly post pictures of their family on social media.

Shea McGee has a YouTube channel that has more than 359K subscribers. She’s also a published author. She shares a wide range of interesting content on her Facebook and Twitter pages. Shea McGee is a Christian, and she was born on the fifth of July.

McGee also has a career as an interior designer. She has an online fashion line, and she endorses many brands on social media. She also runs her own interior design company, Studio McGee. Her net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Shea McGee has an online furniture store

Interior designer Shea McGee has a new online furniture store. After graduating from university with a degree in communications, McGee realized she loved interior design. She spent two years remodeling her first house, earning a following and loyal clientele. Now, she has a collection of luxury home furniture, home decor, and accessories.

McGee has launched her own online furniture store called Studio McGee. The company began as a home-based stay-at-home mom’s hobby, but it has since grown into an enterprise serving clients across the United States. In addition to selling furniture, Studio McGee has a homeware line and a Netflix series. The company plans to generate over $59.7 million in sales this year, and it expects to double that figure by 2020.

The furniture at Studio McGee’s online store is inspired by California cool. With neutral colors and wood tones, the furniture is a mix of natural elements and modern design. It also features lots of texture and pattern. The pieces can be used for any room in the home, as they are made of high-quality materials.

Shea McGee is married to Syd McGee

Shea McGee is married to Syb McGee and together they have a successful interior design business. They started in their spare bedroom and have since expanded to include an e-commerce website called McGee&Co. They also have a huge following on Instagram, with over 1.4 million followers.

Shea McGee and Syd McGee were married in 2008 and have two daughters, named Wren and Ivy. While they were first married, they lived in a “crappy apartment” in southern California. However, they later moved to Utah to be closer to their families and get more help with raising their kids. Since then, they have enjoyed domestic bliss.

The couple met while working on their interior design firm and have been married for many years. Syd and Shea were introduced to each other by their brother, and a first date was set. They soon grew close and began hanging out. Because they met everyday, the distance between them began to decrease. In time, they became lovers. They both have their own design business, Studio McGee.

Shea McGee has two daughters

Shea McGee is an interior designer and the owner of Studio McGee. She has been the star of the Emmy-nominated show Dream Home Makeover on Netflix, which follows her partner Syd as they renovate a client’s home. She and her husband Syd have two daughters together. According to the couple, they are planning to have a third child. The pair has created a nursery registry on Babylist.

Shea McGee and Syd McGee are married since 2008. They have two daughters, named Wren and Ivy. The couple met while Syd McGee was visiting Shea’s brother at Utah Valley University. They became friends and eventually married. Shea and Syd moved to Utah so they could be closer to family and to help with the kids. Since their success, Shea and Syd have lived a life of domestic bliss, with two daughters named Wren and Ivy.

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