Sister Wives Recap Last Night

Sister Wives Recap

During last night’s episode of Sister Wives, it wasn’t a pretty picture. It was not a good night for Kody Brown. His marriage is in rough shape and he’s got to bring his A game if he wants to keep his wives happy. And the drama doesn’t let up. In fact, the episode featured a slew of thorny issues, including the first contractions of Robyn’s third child.

The biggest problem facing the Browns is their finances. Their four homes aren’t making ends meet, and they have to compromise to keep the family together. But their new home in Utah is a step in the right direction. It’s a huge house with an impressive backyard, and Christine takes advantage of the amenities to spend time with her daughters and husband.

The other big storyline is the child swap. Christine has to tell her daughter Truely that Kody has decided to move to Utah. The move is big news, but it’s also a bit controversial. In the episode, it turns out that Christine took Truely along on her trip to Utah, and the patriarch took issue with it.

During last night’s show, Meri also gets some great news: she has a benign polyp in her colon. While the doctors tell her that she won’t die, she is determined to get her life back on track. She’s also been having a hard time with her relationship with her son, Caleb, and she hopes to work on it by taking him to Las Vegas for his birthday.

Last night’s episode of Sister Wives also saw a big push for the three-day road trip to Nauvoo, Illinois. It also saw the former sisters hash out what went wrong between Kody and Christine. And the ladies all tried their hand at a web business. This led to chaos and high stakes trivia. The Sister Wives also attempted to pass the real estate exam.

The episode also saw a lot of teasing. For instance, the girls’ birthdays and milestone birthdays were celebrated by air hugs. However, Meri notices that Mariah is still a standoffish mess. She also learns that all of the Brown wives were at birth. She also finds out that her brother has a new wife.

Another big storyline is Kody’s relationship with the older children. The kids have had enough of Kody’s restrictive Covid protocol. So they’re looking for a place where they can live more free and easy. But it’s not easy to find a home in Utah, and Kody has to keep his wives happy while also keeping his business going.

In addition, the show also showed Kody attempting to take a wrestling lesson from an MMA fighter. He also got a taste of the Las Vegas strip for a guy’s night out. But the episode’s most notable moment was not the action, but the fact that Christine and Robyn were able to share a wistful kiss.

The episode also saw Meri Brown’s move to Las Vegas. Although her family is moving, she’s also planning to open a bed and breakfast in Las Vegas.

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