So Lay Me Down Country Song

Loretta Lynn and Willie Nelson – So Lay Me Down Country Song

The best way to congratulate your wife on a well-earned promotion is to show her the video of Loretta Lynn and Willie Nelson performing “Lay Me Down.” This is a highly recommended move that’s guaranteed to get you on the wife’s good side. The duo hasn’t worked together in more than 30 years, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t on the same page. This is especially true when it comes to the lyrics. They will be embarking on a worldwide tour in the near future. This will be an opportunity for them to showcase their prowess in a very intimate setting.

Aside from the fact that Loretta and Willie are two of the most recognizable artists of all time, they are two of the best friends one could ever have. They are also among the most generous souls you’ll ever meet. The best part is that the twosome are in it for the long haul. So much so, they have a mutual friend that will lend them a hand. This guy has been a big fan of the duo since the days of their own glory days. So much so, he was willing to play chauffeur in their escapades.

In fact, this is the name of their current manager, and he has been making it his mission to make sure that the twosome gets all the attention that they deserve. He’s a hardworking guy and knows how to keep his word. The pair is a great asset to their company and will be missed.

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