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Sofia Jirau – More Than Just a Model

Despite the fact that Sofia Jirau is a model, there is more to her than meets the eye. She is also a very successful businesswoman who owns her own fashion company and runs an exclusive boutique in Manhattan.


Despite being born with Down syndrome, Sofia Jirau has made a name for herself in the fashion world. She is a fashion model and social media star, and her career has been covered by many popular media outlets. She has also launched her own clothing line and online store, called Alavett. In the future, Jirau plans to become an actress, but right now she is an entrepreneur.

Sofia Jirau is from a well-to-do family in Puerto Rico. Her parents are Frankie Jirau and Mimi Gonzalez, and she has three siblings. One of her siblings, Paola, was born before Sofia. Another, Rodrigo, was born after Sofia. In addition to these children, Sofia has a pet dog named Lola. She is an avid movie fan, and enjoys shopping. She also enjoys working out, and going to the beach.

Early life

Currently, Sofia Jirau is a model for Victoria’s Secret. She became the first model with Down syndrome to appear in the brand’s campaigns. She has also launched a social media campaign called ‘No Limits’. It is aimed at raising awareness about Down syndrome. She has also started her own fashion company.

Sofia Jirau’s first fashion show was during New York Fashion Week. She has also modeled for many designers and fashion magazines. She is also active on social media, with a huge following. She endorses many fashion products on her Instagram account. She also posts lifestyle related photos. She has a dog named Lola.

Jirau says that she has always wanted to be a model. She also has a dream of meeting fashion icon Jennifer Lopez. She is also a fitness enthusiast. Jirau goes to the gym four times a week. She also likes to visit the beach.

Modeling career

Despite having Down Syndrome, Sofia Jirau is a successful fashion model and businesswoman. She is also a social media star and activist. Her Instagram account has over 265K followers and she has collaborated with popular Puerto Rican photographers. She has also endorsed many fashion products on her Instagram account.

Sofia Jirau has modeled for many famous designers. Her first fashion show was during New York Fashion Week. She has also demonstrated for top planners all over North America. She has also worked for several fashion magazines. During her childhood, she was featured on the cover of Salud Al Dia magazine. She has appeared in numerous magazines, and her work has been covered by dozens of media outlets worldwide.


During her high school years, Sofia Jirau dreamed of becoming a model. She also wanted to become an actress and meet Jennifer Lopez. She had two choices – she could either stay home and do nothing, or she could go to school and pursue her dream.

She chose to push forward. She spent months training and received guidance from Benjamin Diaz. As she got older, Jirau began working for various fashion designers. She also worked as a model for the Puerto Rican Down Syndrome Foundation.

She has a lot of followers on Instagram. She posts lifestyle and fashion pictures on her account. She is also a fitness enthusiast. She visits the gym four times a week. She also likes to spend time at the beach.

Personal life

Despite her ‘Down syndrome’, Sofia Jirau has managed to become a prominent model and social media star. She is the first model to appear on the cover of a magazine with Down syndrome, and was also the first model to wear the ‘Victoria’s Secret’ lingerie collection.

She has also been a spokesperson for the ‘No Limits’ campaign, which is aimed at raising awareness about the Down syndrome community. She is also a fitness enthusiast and loves going to the gym. She also likes to listen to music and visit the beach. She also has a pet dog, Lola.

She has worked as a model for many years. She made her debut on the runway during the New York Fashion Week. She has also modeled for many high-profile fashion designers.

Net worth

Among the first Down Syndrome models in the world, Sofia Jirau has gained popularity in the fashion industry. She has appeared in several fashion events in the United States, including New York Fashion Week, and has also been a part of the Love Cloud Collection campaign. She also started her own brand, Alavett, which offers a variety of products, including accessories and clothing. She is a model, an entrepreneur, and a social media influencer.

Jirau has been featured in a variety of popular media outlets. She was featured on the cover of the Salud Al Dia magazine when she was a child. She also appeared in a series of TV commercials. She was also invited to model for San Juan Moda, a fashion brand based in Puerto Rico. She also participated in several sports events.

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