Sssniperwolf Arrests

Alia Shelesh, better known by her YouTube handle sssniperwolf has had run-ins with law in 2013 and 2016. Both times she was arrested.

Limited information exists regarding the details surrounding her arrests; however, she discussed one incident – in 2016 – via YouTube video. According to her account, neighbors called police upon hearing them fighting with one another and overhearing them fighting themselves.

Early Life and Education

Alia Shelesh, better known by her YouTube handle “SSniperWolf”, was born October 22, 1992 in England-America and currently resides in San Francisco. As an English-American YouTuber and actress she creates reaction videos, garnering over 16 million subscribers and often works alongside fellow popular YouTubers like Dhar Mann.

She has found herself in trouble with the law on several occasions, drawing media coverage each time. While her latest run-in with police may have cost her some of her supporters, it has also strengthened her resolve and will to fight.

She recently discussed her encounter with police on YouTube, not going into detail about what transpired but saying it served as an eye-opening lesson in becoming more responsible and accountable – also crediting jail for making her into a better person.

Professional Career

Sssniperwolf (real name Alia Shelesh), has amassed an enormous following through her gaming videos on Youtube. These have amassed millions of views – making her one of the world’s most viewed personalities online.

Shelesh has an avid passion for gaming and shares an honest account of her life through videos. Additionally, she has developed the Wolf Pack brand of merchandise which includes hoodies, phone cases, hats, notebooks and stickers.

In a 2016 YouTube video, she presented her side of the story about her arrest and claims that neighbors called 911 after overhearing her screaming during an argument; later released on bail and sparking debate about social media influencer responsibility.

Achievement and Honors

SSSniperwolf is an esteemed YouTuber who has earned multiple accolades and awards for her gaming content. Additionally, she has amassed an immense following online with her humorous and engaging videos and streams.

She started her channel in 2013 and initially focused on providing Let’s Play gameplay videos of Call of Duty games, before expanding it to include reaction videos, DIY hacks, commentary videos, blogs and vlogs.

She has won multiple Kids Choice Awards, most recently winning “favorite gamer” over DanTDM, GamerGirl, Ninja PrestonPlayz and Minecraft in 2020. Additionally she has received various TikTok awards for her content creation; yet has been reluctant to publicly discuss her arrest or jail time; instead she claims it served as an eye opener that forced her to accept responsibility for her actions and take responsibility.

Personal Life

Sssniperwolf maintains an active social media presence, regularly informing her audience of what’s new in her life and providing reaction videos, DIY hacks, vlogs, gaming commentary videos and Call of Duty commentary videos to her audience.

Fans have taken an avid interest in her personal life, inquiring whether she has found love. Many wish to know if there is anyone special she might be in contact with on YouTube.

Sssniperwolf addressed the allegations against her by clarifying in a video that her arrest was not due to assault as reported by another YouTuber. Instead, police were called because of an argument between herself and her boyfriend with their neighbors that escalated into physical confrontation between the two of them; both individuals eventually got into a fight before being arrested for disturbing the peace. Furthermore, Sssniperwolf has spoken openly about her experience in jail as it can be an emotional ordeal for anyone involved.

Net Worth

SSSniperwolf has quickly become one of the most sought-after YouTubers with her engaging gaming videos, reaction videos, vlogs and challenges attracting millions of followers globally. Her devotion and unrivaled content have cemented her place among YouTube’s elite creators.

She hosts various vlogs on lifestyle topics, makeup tutorials, fashion insights, and lifestyle vlogs that have earned her considerable income. These diverse channels have also enabled her to generate considerable income.

Additionally, she has become a brand ambassador for several prestigious companies such as Turtle Beach; this will likely increase her net worth further.

SSSniperwolf was born October 22 in Liverpool, England and currently resides in the United States where she enjoys an extravagant lifestyle. She holds dual American and British nationality citizenship status and has become an influential force within gaming communities.

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