Stacey King Net Worth

Stacey King is an American by nationality who has made considerable contributions to basketball both as an active player and commentator. Currently he is working as the lead color commentator for Chicago Bulls television broadcasts.

King is widely beloved among fans and enthusiasts of basketball for his engaging commentary style and catchphrases that add excitement to each game. His enthusiasm makes him a favorite among both.

Early Life and Education

Stacey King was born 29 January 1967 in Lawton, Oklahoma and graduated from Lawton Senior High School before enrolling at the University of Oklahoma. Since his graduation he has become a sports announcer with Chicago Bulls; thanks to his hard work he has made himself well-known within basketball circles while creating substantial wealth through hard work.

As an NBA commentator, he has gained immense popularity through his entertaining commentary style and thorough analysis of each game. An integral component of Bulls broadcast, fans love his opinionated remarks!

He lives with his wife Debi and two sons Brandon and Garrett; his father James passed away 20 years ago.

Professional Career

Stacey King was born January 29th 1967 in Lawton Oklahoma. Throughout his 15-year professional basketball career he earned numerous honors. Most notably he gained notoriety for being lead color commentator on Chicago Bulls television broadcasts with an engaging commentary style.

He is well known as a coach with the CBA’s Rockford Lightning. In his professional career, he played for both the Chicago Bulls and Minnesota Timberwolves – winning three NBA Championships with them respectively.

He currently resides in Illinois with his wife and family, preferring not to discuss his personal life publicly. At 6 feet 11 inches (2.11 meters), his height provides an advantage in basketball games.

Achievement and Honors

Stacey King was an NBA champion three times with the Chicago Bulls in the early 1990s. He attended Lawton High School in Oklahoma before becoming an American sports announcer renowned for their expertise. King has long remained active within basketball circles.

At NBC Sports Chicago, he currently serves as lead color commentator for Chicago Bulls television broadcasts. Known for his engaging and lively commentary style that adds excitement and enjoyment while watching games, he is beloved among Chicago Bulls fans as he has received much acclaim for his eccentric catchphrases and irreverence.

He has not only found great professional success but is also highly successful in his personal life, having lived in the US and having raised a wonderful family with wife and children.

Personal Life

Stacey King has become a familiar name in basketball circles since being born in Lawton, Oklahoma and contributing both as player and commentator to this sport.

He currently serves as lead color commentator for Chicago Bulls broadcasts, where his engaging commentary style and humorous catchphrases have made him a beloved figure among basketball fans.

Stacey is married and the father of two children. As an experienced family man, Stacey prefers keeping his personal life private.

He played professional basketball for various teams such as Chicago Bulls, Minnesota Timberwolves, Miami Heat, Arese Basket Grand Rapids Hoops and Sioux Falls Skyforce since 1989 and became well-known within this community.

Net Worth

Stacey King is a former professional American basketball player now working as a sports commentator and earning an excellent income.

He is widely acclaimed for his insightful analysis of the game. Additionally, he hosts a popular YouTube podcast named ‘Gimme The Hot Sauce Podcast.”

He remains happy and active in basketball, although his role has evolved from player to commentator. Recently he battled Covid which severely compromised his health – however this now doesn’t appear to be an issue as he tested negative and resting. Additionally he informed fans and followers of NBA restrictions while trying to return as soon as possible; being an invaluable asset to Chicago Bulls as a commentator!

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