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Stephanie Sanzo – Fitness Model, Personal Trainer, and Social Media Influencer

Stephanie Sanzo, a fitness model, personal trainer, and social media influencer, is best known for her impressive workout videos on Instagram and YouTube. Additionally, she promotes various fitness products while leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

She currently resides in Australia with her husband Jamie Bisset and two children – Diezel and Maya – where their lives appear to be without issues or scandal.

Early Life and Education

Stephanie Sanzo is a fitness model and personal trainer who shares her workouts on Instagram and YouTube. Her inspirational posts and amazing videos have amassed an enormous following, serving as an inspiring role model to those striving to accomplish their own goals in life.

Sanzo, a mother of two children, enjoys spending her free time with them. She’s an avid puzzle lover, spending much of her spare time solving them during free time – she also likes playing games with them!

Jamie Bisset is a fitness coach and social media star, having launched the Strongbiz Coaching YouTube channel in July 2018; they reside together in Australia with two children named Diezel and Maya.

Professional Career

Stephanie Sanzo is a 36-year-old certified personal trainer, fitness icon and social media influencer commonly referred to as “Steph Fit Mum”.

Being committed to living a healthy lifestyle throughout her life, she has inspired countless individuals with her workout regimens and other health tips. Through hard work and determination she has achieved success in every aspect of her life.

Her Instagram and YouTube channels showcase her strength training exercises, among others, along with workout videos from different sources. She has amassed an extensive following and founded YONDIT clothing line; additionally she married Jamie Bisset – another well-known fitness coach – whom they share two children together and enjoy an exemplary family life together.

Achievement and Honors

Stephanie Sanzo is an award-winning certified personal trainer, fitness icon, and social media influencer. She has graced several health & fitness magazine covers and launched her own strength coaching YouTube channel; additionally she is married with two children.

She loves spending her free time outdoors and hiking is her passion. Additionally, she likes playing board games and puzzles in her free time and owns a pet cat named Whiskers.

Stephanie is extremely close to her family, always showing support in their goals and achievements. However, she prefers not to post details about them on social media sites such as Facebook. Stephanie enjoys reading books and watching movies. Additionally, she’s an avid follower of superheroes as well as music.

Personal Life

He leads a healthy and fulfilling life. She enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and pets; playing board games together and engaging in friendly competition with those she cares for; engaging in friendly competition with fellow game players through board game competitions.

Sanzo is an energetic and hardworking woman with a stunning physique, who serves as a certified personal trainer and fitness icon to motivate others worldwide to keep fit and stay healthy.

Stephaniesanzo resides in Australia with her fitness instructor husband Jamie Bisset. Together they share two children, both sons. Although their private lives remain hidden from media coverage, Stephaniesanzo does post photos from vacations together as well as spending quality time with her children on Instagram.

Net Worth

Stephanie Sanzo has amassed an impressive net worth as an experienced trainer and fitness influencer. Her success on social media platforms such as workout videos has allowed her to inspire many with her hard work and devotion, leading them to strive toward similar achievements themselves.

On top of offering online fitness programs and channels, she regularly promotes various brands on a regular basis to earn revenue via sponsored content, advertisements, merchandise sales and merchandise sales. In fact, she founded clothing brand YONDIT and owns fitness studio SWEAT!

She maintains an extremely low body fat percentage and follows a healthful diet. Married to professional trainer Jamie Bisset and parents to two children together, they live an easygoing lifestyle together while enjoying spending quality time with loved ones.

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