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Bill and Hillary Clinton Friend and Rock Climbing Legend Steve Bachar in Trouble

Bachar has long been associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton; however, he now faces accusations of financial crimes that could land him behind bars.

He owes millions to three different plaintiffs. Judges have already ordered him to pay over one million dollars to these companies and individuals.

Early Life and Education

Bachar moved to Denver from Washington D.C. and Treasury Department employment in 2014. Since then, he has co-chaired both Clinton Global Initiative America meetings held here; also founded and serving on the board of Africa School Assistance Project helping rural communities in Tanzania construct or expand schools.

Now, however, a disbarred attorney named Benjamin Bachar faces felony charges related to investments with Denver company Empowerment Capital. He’s been accused of misleading investors and spending their funds for personal expenses – one investor, Jamie Lindsay alleges this caused him to lose his lake home and be forced away from family in order to survive financially. A judge rejected Bachar’s plea offer earlier this month and scheduled his trial for September.

Professional Career

Bachar earned rock climbing notoriety thanks to his extraordinary feats on routes widely considered dangerous. In 1981, he offered $10,000 as a challenge prize to anyone who could stay ropeless on the rock for one day; unfortunately no-one took up this offer.

Bachar and Dario collaborated to design Acopa USA climbing shoes, which feature innovative technology designed to adapt perfectly to each person’s foot shape and make climbing safer than ever. Their creation marked an innovative breakthrough in the climbing industry.

Denver prosecutors charged Bachar in 2020 with theft and securities fraud for diverting millions of dollars earmarked for personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic, with his plea deal rejected by a judge last week.

Achievement and Honors

As a climber, Bachar was known for his daring style and minimalist approach to climbing. He was an outspoken critic of climbing tactics such as bolting on rappel, yet was an innovator himself, creating new free-climbing routes such as Yosemite’s 18-pitch Astroman route along with Dave Yerian.

Bachar’s political career saw him serving on both of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns as well as serving as an advisor during John Hickenlooper’s first term as governor of Colorado.

Now he is expanding his resume as an attorney at Denver firm Moye White, which specializes in impact investing. Bachar will join Moye White’s business group as a partner.

Personal Life

Bachar is an influential business and political figure from Denver who served on President Bill Clinton’s failed presidential campaign and currently works at Moye White, a firm which advises businesses on socially responsible investments.

Former aide David Walker is facing charges of securities fraud and theft related to millions of dollars designated for personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic, that were purportedly spent on a country club mansion purchase and luxurious vacations.

Bachar owes over $4 Million to two companies that won judgment against him, including Wisconsin for producing 3 Million Medical Gowns that Bachar never paid for and DaVita Dialysis Company who ordered N95 masks from him.

Net Worth

Bachar has amassed numerous debts and judgments, totaling more than $4 million incurred from orders placed during the pandemic but never paid for. DaVita Dialysis Center of Denver sued Bachar on October 2020 alleging he paid $605,000 for N95 masks that never arrived – an allegation denied by DaVita itself.

Future Health Co. was awarded $3.8 million against Bachar after winning a court judgment in 2021. That company claims it hired Bachar as an intermediary between it and Wisconsin state government’s need for 3 million medical gowns that year – yet Bachar kept all of that money without providing Sanitas with them, Future Health claims. Bachar also owes over $1 Million to the owner of his 5,000 sqft Country Club mansion as well as other people claiming they were misled by him.

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