Steve Berkson

Steve Berkson – Certified Public Accountant and Financial Advisor

Steve Berkson is an accomplished certified public accountant and financial advisor, founding and heading up his namesake firm in Woodland Hills, California.

The guys discuss two videos by Zach Bauer and a response video by SpiritualBabies, as well as taking a deeper dive into teacher Steve Berkson and some of his teachings.

Early Life and Education

Steve discusses his early years in music business and what led to him joining Dixie Dregs, as well as their reunion shows and future tour dates in this video filmed by Scott Tady of Beaver County Times (read original article here).

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Achievement and Honors

Eighteen students were recently honored as Kate Hevner Mueller Scholars, a special recognition given to those who have left UB better than they found it. These individuals include Rebecca Suzanne Ferber, Jackson Richard Gandour, Courtney A. Harnish, Emilee Gabriela Hernandez (Cleo Luisa Hernandez), Emilee Gabriela Hernandez (Emilie Gab), Matthew David Holman Connie Fei Kuo Samuel Thomas Luebbe Tyler James Russell and Erik Allten Troske.

Berkson founded MTOI (Ministry to One International), an international ministry with affiliated congregations and individuals receiving his teachings every day from its headquarters in Cleveland, Tennessee. Many have labeled MTOI a cult or sect due to the anti-rabbinic and unbiblical teachings it propagates.

Personal Life

Steve Berkson was charged with sexual battery in Florida, as well as being involved in other legal disputes. Currently living in Calabasas with his wife Sherri and possessing an expansive following on TikTok for political activism and controversial teachings.

Messianic Torah Observant Israel (MTOI), is an international ministry with affiliated congregations and individuals around the world who receive his daily teachings. Berkson served as co-leader of MTOI Apison congregation in Cleveland Tennessee along with Tony Robinson until they parted ways due to Berkson’s anti-rabbinic and unbiblical false teachings; additionally he has written the books ‘Are You Saved? 1-6’ which provide further insight.

Net Worth

He is a member of the Financial Planning Association, holding personal financial specialist and Certified Financial Planner(tm) certifications as well as serving on the board of Page Youth Center in Santa Barbara, California with his wife and three children.

He made waves with his oil trading business, which is widely credited with pushing crude prices into triple digits. Additionally, he gave generously to pet rescue charities while using tax loopholes to donate $165 million to Oklahoma State University.

His business idea for Jolly Rogers Telephone Co was featured on Shark Tank USA in 2019, yet none of the sharks seemed interested, particularly Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner.

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