Steve Boos

Steve Boos – MMA Fighter, Dancer, and Celebrity

At Melbourne Cricket Ground, record crowds greeted Australia batsman Steve Smith with both boos and cheers when he stepped out to bat on day one of their test match against New Zealand.

Grayeyes and Maryboy were sent a letter by private attorney Steven Boos that raises concerns over their involvement in county policy development, yet the county is refusing to divulge details citing attorney-client confidentiality as its excuse.

Early Life and Education

At his mother’s urging, Boos enrolled at Kent State University where he earned a bachelor of business administration. Following this he worked at East Park Restaurant as manager before returning home.

He has also served on the Navajo Commission and advised Maryboy and Grayeyes on legal matters such as withdrawing from a lawsuit supporting President Trump’s reduction of Bears Ears National Monument. Furthermore, he has written resolutions adopted by the commission.

The Office for Professional Conduct reviewed Boos’ complaint against him and determined he had committed no ethical violations. As long as communications between himself and county commissioners regarding county business are disclosed and DNA worktime used, Boos may continue representing commissioners. He is a member of Ray E Helfer Society since 2012 as well as being accredited with 39 years of medical experience by both American Academy of Pediatrics and Ray E Helfer Society.

Professional Career

Steve Boos is an established professional MMA fighter with an impressive 10-1-0 record since making his debut in 2015. Since then, he has competed on three UFC main card fights as main event fighter.

Boos was an integral advisor for Maryboy and Grayeyes as they assumed their roles as county commissioners in 2018. His legal advice on multiple contentious matters, such as withdrawing the county from a lawsuit challenging President Donald Trump’s shrinkage of Bears Ears National Monument, has led to allegations of ethics or even illegal conflicts of interest.

GRAMA requests were met with letters written on his law firm’s branded stationery from him to shed more light on their relationship, yet when inquired about, San Juan County residents remain skeptical and frustrated with this response citing attorney-client confidentiality as an excuse for its secrecy. That has increased mistrust and peevishness within San Juan County communities.

Achievement and Honors

At his mother’s urging, Steve Boos decided to pursue higher education. Enrolling at Kent State University and earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Following graduation he began working at East Park Restaurant as a bus person until becoming manager of the establishment.

Grayeyes and Whitehat are law firm partners with whom he collaborated on various litigation projects in Utah federal courts. He took particular interest in helping Native communities chart their own destinies and make decisions for themselves.

Luke Lerdwichagul, an esteemed SMG4 player, considers Steve Boos his favorite due to his superior derping skills and fast reflexes in Minecraft. According to a 2020 Q&A video released by 2020 Interactive Studios Inc, however, Steve Boos remains Luke’s top choice due to these attributes.

Personal Life

At his mother’s insistence, Steve moved to Hiawatha Kansas where he became manager at East Park Restaurant. As part of this position, he oversaw all operations of the establishment while also becoming a Masonic Lodge and Eastern Star member. Steve leaves behind his Wife Cheryl Boos; daughters Rebecca (Scott) Birlingmair and Misty Wright as well as four grandkids: Mary Brink, Dalton Layton Dylan Layton Pyper Layton Trenton Lasinski along with four granddaughters Dalton Layton as well as four grandkids Aloysius Boos and Leo Boos; sister Theresa Baker; brothers Aloysius Boos and Leo Boos; in addition to Granddaughter Angel Lynn Berg.

Boos’ involvement on the commission has been controversial, with some county officials alleging attorney-client confidentiality when it comes to his representation of Grayeyes and Maryboy. Yet he’s been effective, potentially playing an instrumental role in creating what will soon become the county’s first majority-Native American commission.

Net Worth

Stephen Boos was an accomplished dancer and celebrity who built an impressive net worth as an amateur competitor on Star Search and So You Think You Can Dance, appearing in movies such as Blades of Glory, Hairspray and Magic Mike XXL as well as founding CLI Studios and creating his own clothing line.

He began appearing as a guest DJ on Ellen DeGeneres Show as soon as 2014 and eventually was promoted to co-host, increasing his salary to nearly half a million per season – providing a significant increase to his wealth.

He was a member of Chill Factor Crew and Breed OCLA dance troupes and choreographed performances for South Korean singer Se7en. Additionally, he has appeared in various telefilms and TV shows such as Drop Dead Diva, Modern Family and Love.

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