Steve Bradshaw

Profile of Steve Bradshaw

Steve Bradshaw has held various operating and business development roles with increasing responsibility throughout his career. Additionally, he served as an adjunct professor at Georgia State University.

His work for Breakthrough, Newsbeat and Radio 4’s File on Four was instrumental in creating an informal style of music and current affairs radio broadcasting, often taking an insightful and radical stance towards issues affecting society today.

Early Life and Education

Steve Bradshaw hails from Nottingham, UK. Leaving sixth form early to secure an exhibition scholarship to Queens’ College Cambridge, where he served as Features Editor of Varsity newspaper before transitioning into television journalism and creating TV and radio documentaries addressing global warming, open government issues, Parliamentary lobbying practices, MP interests, cancer surgery options, poverty in developing nations and more.

Steve Bradshaw has proven himself an adept business leader, serving in seven companies since 2003. At present, he serves as President for Bank of Oklahoma Investment Center as well as being on the boards for Metropolitan Tulsa Chamber of Commerce, Lew Wentz Foundation and Tulsa Community Foundation as a trustee – not to mention being part of the citywide Tulsa Area United Way campaign in 2016. Steve also enjoys encouraging and supporting local churches with their ministry endeavors by offering encouragement and providing resources.

Professional Career

Steve Bradshaw has over three decades of experience working in business and has held various operations, business development, and management roles over time. Now working in IBM business partner world, Steve enjoys using his technical knowledge to help clients find solutions.

Bradshaw was selected first overall in the 1970 NFL Draft and led Pittsburgh Steelers to four Super Bowl victories during his time there, earning two Pro Bowl selections as quarterback and an All-Pro selection.

Bradshaw is also a musician and surrealist visual artist, performing internationally with groups such as Roomful of Teeth, the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, Variant 6 and Ekmeles as well as premiering Pulitzer Prize finalist Ted Hearne’s PLACE with Los Angeles Philharmonic. Additionally he serves on several community boards.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Bradshaw is an award-winning author who has written, presented, and reported more than 100 TV and radio documentaries from around the globe. Formerly correspondent on BBC Panorama program.

He and Faarooq joined forces in 1996 to form the APA – cigar-smoking bar brawlers for hire who employ an impressive gimmick with the motto ‘Because we need beer money!

Bradshaw’s Bluff City Butcher trilogy, set both in Memphis and around the globe, is both grisly and fantastical in equal measures. It follows a secret society of billionaires eager to gain access to an eternal life formula; it has earned numerous awards and honors.

Personal Life

Steve Bradshaw is a husband and father. Together with his wife Mary Beth, he enjoys meeting people and networking on national and international levels of ministry. Additionally, Steve is involved with his local church community by mentoring and providing resources to promote outreach and evangelism efforts.

He has produced documentaries for both television and radio on various topics for two decades – most notably for BBC’s flagship TV show Panorama; other projects have included work for WGBH Front Line and ABC Four Corners, respectively.

Roomful of Teeth have taken him all around the world to perform, collaborating with visionary conceptual artists Allora & Calzadilla on an award-winning production of David Lang’s Lifespan for three whistlers and one 4 billion year-old fossil fossil. Alongside his wife they cultivate an out-of-control Norfolk garden which has been featured by Gardens Illustrated magazine.

Net Worth

Bradshaw amassed millions of dollars during his playing career and is estimated to have amassed an estimated $50 million net worth upon retirement. His primary source of income now is serving as a television sports analyst, earning at least $2 Million each year from that job alone.

He has signed lucrative endorsement deals. Additionally, he owns multiple properties including a ranch and mansion in Texas. Furthermore, he works part-time as a lawyer.

Bradshaw has never forgotten his roots in Texarkana despite his high salary, supporting local organizations like the Texarkana College Foundation and University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana. Additionally, he established a diversity and inclusion council at BOK Financial Corporation which has allowed it to improve its culture while drawing top talent into its employ.

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