Steve Burnell

Steve Burnell

Steve Burnell represents debtors, trustees, creditors and committees in all aspects of bankruptcy litigation including appeals. Prior to joining Greenspoon Marder he worked at a boutique bankruptcy law firm before serving as term law clerk for Honorable Erithe A. Smith on her court.

He has led global businesses in diagnostics and digital health diagnostics and established an informatics and real world data business for one of the world’s largest biotechs.

Early Life and Education

Jocelyn Bell Burnell was born in 1943 in Lurgan, Northern Ireland to parents who believed strongly in equal treatment – they were Quakers who demanded that her school offer science classes for both girls and boys alike.

Bell attended The Mount School in Lurgan and flourished under her physics teacher. Later she earned a Bachelor of Science degree at Glasgow University and moved on to Cambridge for her PhD program; here she studied quasars under Antony Hewish who led to the discovery of radio pulsars which Hewish later won a Nobel Prize for. Unfortunately Bell’s contribution went unacknowleged.

After winning the Special Breakthrough Prize, she used the money to establish scholarships for women, underrepresented groups and refugees wishing to study physics. She pledged her continuing work in this area.

Professional Career

Steve Burnell is an associate in Greenspoon Marder LLP’s Bankruptcy & Reorganization practice group, representing debtors, creditors’ committees, trustees, and trustees in all aspects of bankruptcy litigation. Additionally, he holds memberships in both California Bar and Orange County Bar Association.

He currently serves as Director of Minderoo Foundation’s Collaborate Against Cancer and Ocean Conservation Research Centre, OceanOmics since October 2019. With extensive experience managing global operating businesses, leading M&A transactions, and most recently developing an informatics and real world data business in oncology for Roche – one of the world’s largest biotechs – he brings immense insight to this role.

Since 2020, he has been an active member of Lincolnshire-Riverwoods Professional Firefighters Association Local 4224. In 2020 he earned his Bachelor’s in fire service management from Southern Illinois University as well as holding an associate fire science degree from McHenry County College.

Achievement and Honors

Burnell is widely recognized for her research into radio astronomy. In addition to pulsars, her expertise also extends into radio astronomy research and she has received multiple honors and awards including being appointed as Dame Commander of the British Empire, Fellow of Royal Society, and membership with American Astronomical Society.

She has extensive experience developing new healthcare businesses and ocean conservation research programs, working at the intersection of science, medicine and technology – building high performing teams within startup environments as well as overseeing global portfolios for multinational corporations.

In 2019, she received the Breakthrough Prize for Life Sciences, Mathematics, and Fundamental Physics alongside Stephen Hawking, seven scientists involved with discovering the Higgs boson particle, and LIGO team that detected gravitational waves.

Personal Life

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He brings with him extensive expertise in diagnostics, digital health, and biotech – having run global operating businesses and M&A transactions; most recently establishing an informatics and real world data business for Roche/Genentech – one of the world’s largest biotechs.

Greenspoon Marder LLP’s Bankruptcy and Reorganization Practice Group features Jocelyn Bell as one of its members; here she provides services to debtors, trustees, creditors’ committees and investors in all aspects of bankruptcy litigation and related appeals, with particular expertise in Chapter 7 and 11 proceedings. She is best known for the discovery of radio pulsars which she shared with Antony Hewish during their thesis supervision back in 1974.

Net Worth

Steve Burnell is a highly accomplished mixed martial artist who has competed in the featherweight division of Cage Warriors since 2013. He began fighting professionally since 2013.

Lawrence E Burnell possesses an estimated net worth of $176 thousand and serves as an Independent Director at Horizon Bancorp Inc (IN). His vast knowledge in commercial real estate development, real estate values trends, and management of large service organizations provide invaluable insight for Horizon’s Board members.

Minderoo’s Collaborate Against Cancer Initiative and COVID-19 Response. He established the marine genomics research program. Dr. Burnell had over three decades of research and business experience across academia, strategy consulting, healthcare delivery and personalized medicine. He leaves behind four daughters Aaron from Oklahoma, Kurstin Turnbaugh of Thermopolis and Karen Burnell from Casper; four grandchildren; one great-grandson as well as his brothers Charles and Doug Burnell.

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