Steve Cayton

UofL Alumni Steve Cayton Opens New Brewery in GlenOaks

Oldham Brewing Company opened in the GlenOaks Country Club at 10601 Worthington Lane and now employs four graduates of University of Louisville’s Bachelor’s Program for Brewing Science and Brewing Art & Sciences.

Steve had an extraordinary love of animals. He kept a squirrel feeder in his backyard and would love showing the neighborhood squirrels off to friends and family.

Early Life and Education

Steve had always had an affinity for animals, and during the late 90s/early 00s was known to make friends with all the squirrels in his neighborhood – even installing a feeder to show off to visitors.

He enjoyed fishing, tending to his lawn, taking naps and indulging in good food such as ice cream. With his quick wit and comebacks he often had everyone laughing!

His survivors include his wife Mary Alice Cayton from Millersville, daughters Kelly Dean and Laura Lower from Gambrills, grandchildren Samantha Dean, Danny Dean and Alesha Lower as well as numerous nieces and nephews. To honor his memory the family has established a memorial fund via GoFundMe; for more details click here.

Professional Career

Cayton served as Chief Executive of the UK Professional Standards Authority and trustee or director for numerous charities and health organizations across four decades of executive positions within non-profits and international health organisations.

At daily strategy meetings in Cayton’s comfortable office, Jacobs and Cayton plotted every career move for Tyson. Utilizing their keen business acumen and Jacobs’ masterful school-mastery style, they leveraged The Big Fights Inc into one of the world’s premier fight film production businesses.

On Saturday, they won’t be present to watch their protege crumble in the ring. Even though they remain his managers of record, he has filed suit to break their contract – understandably upsetting for both of them; yet at this stage of life money doesn’t really matter that much.

Achievement and Honors

He has appeared on Conan, The Late Show with James Corden, Comedy Bang Bang, Nerdist, Flophouse and Hidden America podcasts; as well as performing at Montreal Just for Laughs and SXSW comedy festivals.

He is co-founder and president of both the Jewish Community Foundation and Federation of Los Angeles, as well as serving on their respective boards. Additionally, he serves on the National Young Leadership Cabinet, WISE Readers to Leaders program board of Directors, Holocaust Museum Board and Auschwitz Birkenau Foundation boards of Directors.

He has held various positions at Central Texas Community College, such as Vice President of Student Services and Dean of Student Affairs. In addition, he earned a master’s degree in counseling and is certified career counselor; additionally, he served in Vietnam before returning home as father of three children; one son and two daughters.

Personal Life

Steve had an immense love of animals, particularly squirrels. For years he would feed them by hand in his neighborhood and would proudly show his backyard “Squirrel Theater”.

He was an affectionate, gentle giant who enjoyed spending time with kids. For a period in his teens, he befriended all the children on his block and made sure they all knew it.

He is survived by his wife Mary Alice, daughters Kelly Dean and Laura Lower from Millersville Maryland; sons James Rhett Hopkins and Christopher Wray Cayton of Haw River North Carolina; four grandchildren; numerous nieces and nephews as well as many philanthropic endeavors including membership on the Jewish Federation Los Angeles board and as its chairman; Aipac national board membership as well as founding board membership with Wise Readers to Leaders (WRTL).

Net Worth

Cayton has amassed millions of dollars as a movie director, writer, and producer over his long career. This success includes film credits such as Vaseline hair tonic’s Greatest Fights Of The Century series in late 1940s for Vaseline hair tonic, as well as movies such as Xtro and The Rock.

He earns money as both a sports agent and shareholder in Allied Signal, which produces fiber optic products for telecom companies. His investments, held in blind trusts to avoid conflict of interest allegations, place him among Congress’ wealth rankings – at least within its middle tiers.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson leaps 10 spots on this year’s survey, his minimum net worth soaring past $50 million due to an unexpected $19-million payout from a blind trust and Milwaukee Bucks stock holdings. Additionally, Johnson lists property in both North Carolina and Wisconsin in his listing.

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