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Estate Planning and Artist Steve Driscoll

Steve Driscoll of Toronto paints vibrant scenes that echo nature with atmospheric effects and vibrant hues, teaching workshops along the way.

He employs painterly spontaneity and experimentation with industrial materials, while remaining guided by an intimate knowledge of these substances.

He has even created pond exhibitions, covering gallery floors with water and leading visitors through constructed pathways to their viewing spots.

Early Life and Education

Steve hails from the Midwest and began his professional life working as an airbrush artist, painting T-shirts and custom automotive work before going on to earn a Bachelor’s in Art & Architecture from Loyola University Chicago.

Now he focuses on landscape painting, producing works which capture images of nature replete with atmosphere and intense color effects. His paintings of forests and waterfalls represent his explorations into Canadian wilderness.

Driscoll has been working closely with Carey throughout his transition and plans to assume his responsibilities as city manager on April 4. This includes hiring department heads, overseeing budget decisions and providing services while upholding ordinances.

He plans to utilize this platform to bring more special events to Victorian Square, Sparks Marina and other city locations while simultaneously working towards economic development.

Professional Career

Stephen Driscoll is a Canadian painter. Using landscape as his source of inspiration, his vibrant depictions of nature captivate audiences everywhere he exhibits them both in Canada and around the world. He has shown his paintings both nationally and internationally.

Television roles he has held include Fireside Theater, Schlitz Playhouse of Stars, Front Row Center, Navy Log, TV Reader’s Digest Climax! Ford Theatre and Studio One series as well as work for National Mime Theater.

Stephen P. Driscoll is an active member of the Massachusetts Democratic Party and serves on its Executive Committee for LGBT outreach. Recently he played Shylock in UMass Amherst Department of Theater’s production of The Merchant of Venice; proudly supporting its theater and dance programs by leaving an endowment gift in his will that established The Stephen P. Driscoll Musical Theater Endowment Fund.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Driscoll has received many prestigious awards throughout his career and written numerous articles and books on estate planning. Additionally, he serves as a partner at Driscoll Anderson Reynard, LLP where his primary areas of focus include individual, trust, and family wealth planning.

He has contributed to several publications, including the Australian Financial Review and Australia’s premier business magazine The Sydney Morning Herald. Furthermore, he possesses extensive expertise with international tax issues.

Driscoll, hailing from Manchester-by-the-Sea and having guided Bishop Fenwick boys’ lacrosse team to success for six years prior, understands it will take some time to rebuild Salem State’s program from scratch, yet remains optimistic he can manage another challenging assignment with Salem State Vikings.

Personal Life

Steve Driscoll is married with two children. A former Bishop Fenwick High School lacrosse coach, he won Catholic Central League Boys Lacrosse Coach of the Year awards in 2018 and 2021. Steve has also coached basketball at St. John’s and baseball at C.C.S.F.

Steve Driscoll is a modern alchemist who uses urethane and pigment to conjure spectacular visions of Canadian wilderness with astonishing precision. Drawing on his historical forebears of the Group of Seven, he travels around lakes and forests, mentally cataloguing their visual expressiveness before returning home to Toronto Studio to make paintings from it. Additionally, Steve enjoys working in performance environments; sending GoPro cameras down waterfalls in Northern Ontario is no foreign concept either, reflecting his paintings’ spontaneous nature.

Net Worth

Net worth refers to the sum total of an individual’s assets minus liabilities; also referred to as their “bottom line.” The more wealth someone possesses, the more they have to invest or spend.

Steve Driscoll of Toronto uses urethane to lay pigments across huge plastic panels, creating dreamlike landscape paintings replete with movement of light and atmosphere that reflect Canada’s expansive wilderness. His paintings brim with vivid imagery that conjures images from memory; each image bears witness to this country. His dreamlike paintings bring the Canadian wilderness alive.

Driscoll started this body of work before the pandemic struck, throwing his waterproof camera into rivers and streams to capture fleeting moments that conveyed the force of water flowing swiftly downstream. These images became inspiration for his paintings which showcase how our world teeters on the brink of change and uncertainty.

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