Steve Eaton

Steve Eaton – Musician and Songwriter

Steve Eaton is an award-winning musician and songwriter from Idaho who has written songs featured on several best-selling albums. He has performed at venues throughout the U.S.

Steven Eaton is a Physical Therapist employed at Vargo Physical Therapy Inc in Sherman Oaks, CA and accepts many insurance carriers for treatment.

Early Life and Education

Steven Eaton is an esteemed Idaho songwriter renowned for his songs that have graced Billboard charts and been used in films, as well as written for artists like Art Garfunkel and Lee Greenwood. Additionally, Eaton played with several bands during the 60s before performing across many venues across America.

He has appeared in several movies and television shows, such as three episodes of The Saint with Roger Moore. Additionally, he possesses an intense passion for yoga asana practice and leads classes around New York City area. Living on Shelter Island with his partner and young daughter. Other interests include cooking, fishing and hiking as well as supporting local sports teams and spending quality time with family members.

Professional Career

Eaton began his professional career working for both the City of Eaton and Preble County Police Department before entering military service where he achieved the rank of Master Sergeant before returning to civilian work.

He holds both his undergraduate degree from Central Michigan University and master’s in higher education administration from Columbia College Chicago, and currently works at a community college in Missouri.

At Walt Disney World, he managed the teams responsible for keeping its parks looking spectacular daily. Since then he has taken that expertise with him to Morristown Landing where he oversees staff and business development processes to meet guest expectations and build relationships with local stakeholders as an advocate for youth sports and is an active member of Vienna Wesleyan Church.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Eaton is an esteemed musical artist. He is best known for writing songs for artists such as The Carpenters and Art Garfunkel, while also providing instrumental music for various film and television productions. A member of Idaho Songwriters Association and multiple award winner.

Eaton currently coaches baseball at Cherokee Trail High School and was recently honored as Centennial League coach of the year twice during his career. Additionally, Eaton will be honored at an induction banquet hosted by Colorado Dugout Club Hall of Fame on January 18 in Denver.

Sergeant Eaton received the Mention in Despatches award in 2008 for his service in Iraq, joining other soldiers honored for their bravery during this conflict.

Personal Life

He currently resides in Blue Ridge, Idaho and is active with numerous organizations: Blue Ridge Kiwanis Club and Fannin County Industrial Authority are two such memberships he holds; additionally, Boy Scouts were another organization where he achieved Eagle Scout status early on in life.

Steve Eaton has composed instrumental music for film and video productions commissioned by Nature Conservancy, CBS After School Specials, the National Wildlife Federation and National Endowment for the Arts – earning two Emmy nominations in this area of creation for PBS television specials.

He currently specializes in distribution within the Private Funds group and works closely with Ophir Shmuel, Co-Head of EMEA, to identify quality fund offerings to bring onto Eaton Partners platform.

Net Worth

Eaton was also an early advocate for nuclear disarmament and improved US-Soviet relations, hosting several Pugwash Conferences at his Canadian home where scientists from both sides met to discuss global issues.

Eaton was also on the boards of Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. and Otis & Company investment banking firms; furthermore he held stakes in several other businesses such as C&O Railway Company, Steep Rock Co. and Detroit Steel Co.

Steve specializes in the distribution of Eaton Partners’ private funds and has extensive experience across North America, Western Europe, China and Southeast Asia. Additionally, he serves on both North American and Europe Middle East Africa (EMEA) Private Fund Distribution Committees at Eaton Partners.

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