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Steve Dancz and Steve Irwin

Steve Jobs deserves our appreciation if you use a Macintosh computer or other Apple products; his vision propelled technology forward.

Frederick Forsyth wrote Icon as a 1997 thriller novel set against Russia in 1999 where an extremist party is close to taking control.

Early Life and Education

By his own admission, Steve Jobs was far from being the ideal leader. At times, he could be overbearing and exhibit peculiar behavior; nonetheless, there’s no questioning his business success was driven by his unique vision and innovative problem-solving techniques.

He was extremely passionate about protecting the environment, supporting numerous environmental causes throughout his life. Additionally, his philanthropy included setting up a family foundation to aid children from low-income households with education funding needs.

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Professional Career

Steve Dancz boasts an extensive career in entertainment. He has performed, composed, and produced music for numerous projects – such as work with National Geographic. His compositions can also be heard on numerous television shows and specials.

He was drawn to Elliot Erwitt’s photographs, who used seemingly simple images to convey powerful messages. Additionally, he appreciated the work of photographers who traveled the world documenting its various cultures through photographs.

He regularly participates in industry webinars, events and seminars; serves as an active mentor to College of Business Administration students as they launch their careers; serves on the ICSC Board; is also an experienced retail portfolio executive.

Achievement and Honors

In 2006, Australia Zoo founder Ian and wife Terri set out to fulfill their goal of building it into one of the premier wildlife parks worldwide. Together they established an award-winning conservation and educational sanctuary for animals – now one of the most-visited zoos worldwide.

Steve McCurry is one of the key international figures in photography, renowned for his work covering conflicts, endangered cultures, ancient traditions and modern culture – while always retaining human elements – such as his iconic photo of Afghan girl.

ICON’s Creative & Digital Services and Patient Recruitment Services teams earned the Platinum AWARD at the Videographer Awards for ICON’s RECOVER Study Explainer Video, while their INGREZZA Roadmap Materials and XOLAIR Launch Materials received GOLD AWARD honor from MarCom Awards.

Net Worth

Steve Irwin was renowned wildlife expert, TV personality and zookeeper who built an illustrious career using his love of nature and sense of adventure to build an empire that still boasts a net worth in excess of $300 Million dollars. His TV show Crocodile Hunter became an instant classic while Australia Zoo where he worked became iconic. Unfortunately his untimely demise at the hands of a stingray is shrouded in mystery but his legacy continues through Robert and Bindi his children, as well as his vast empire which contributed significantly towards building his remarkable net worth of $300 Million plus.

After honing his stand-up skills in the 1980s, Broderick Stephen Harvey found his calling. From host of talkshow and gameshow hosts to comedian, best-selling author, radio star and even hosting Miss Universe pageant (despite an embarrassing misreading), Harvey has built up a sizable fortune through hard work and his wisecracks. His wisdom cracks and hard work have increased his net worth significantly.

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