Steve Khoshabe

Steve Khoshabe, Founder and CEO of Speedwagon Capital Partners, Seizes on the Condo Market

Steve Khoshabe built Oak Brook-based United Financial Mortgage Corp. into one of the nation’s premier mortgage lenders before selling it to a venture-capital firm in 2005. Since then, his Northbrook-based Speedwagon Capital Partners has taken full advantage of the condo market – closing deals on properties which once had mortgage debt.

Early Life and Education

Khoshabe was born and raised in Chicago. He earned both his undergraduate degree in economics at Bradley University and graduate degree in business administration from Loyola University of Chicago. Khoshabe began his mortgage industry career by working for his father’s Oak Brook-based United Financial Mortgage Corp, helping turn it public along the way. Always an opportunist at heart, Khoshabe strives to find niches in new markets and technologies – this drive being key to his success.

Professional Career

Steve Khoshabe is an esteemed businessman with more than three decades of experience in real estate and finance industries. He founded Speedwagon Capital Partners and closely oversees its investment strategy; was president and CEO of United Financial Mortgage Corp, helping it become one of the country’s premier mortgage lenders before selling it off in 2005.

Speedwagon Properties employs him as a dealmaker and have successfully acquired numerous failed condo projects, including an almost $20 million sale in June for 103 units in a River North tower – one of Chicago’s biggest such transactions.

He enjoys networking and remains up-to-date on any technologies that could improve his business. Furthermore, he finds pleasure in exercising and training for marathons.

Personal Life

He is one of the founding partners of Speedwagon Capital Partners and actively involved in its investment platform strategy and execution. Additionally, he sits on the Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University Chicago as a board member and was previously president and chief executive officer of United Financial Mortgage Corp. before selling it off to a venture capital firm in 2005.

Rossini of Skokie and Babajan Khoshabe of Lincolnwood conspired with their son Anthony Khoshabe, 33, to persuade victims into purchasing purported mortgage notes on apartments that were in foreclosure by promising rental income from tenants as well as title to the property at the conclusion of foreclosure proceedings, according to an indictment filed.

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