Steve Kozloff

Yacht Designer Steve Kozloff

Steve Kozloff is known for creating extravagant yacht concepts. Additionally, his company Nimbl Vehicles commissions him to develop detailed concepts of vehicles, aircraft and cargo ships.

He recently designed and unveiled his G-Quest gigayacht, intended to advance oceanographic research and deliver humanitarian aid. Equipped with an ice-class steel hull and aluminum superstructure, this massive vessel aims to further oceanographic exploration while also offering humanitarian relief.

Early Life and Education

Kozloff earned his master’s in art history from the University of Chicago and quickly rose through the ranks as an art critic for The Nation and Art International, helping transform US art criticism into something more intellectually rigorous. Additionally, in his own photographic works Kozloff captures glimpses of concrete specificity that lead into “a vertiginous zone of ambiguity,” as Martin Patrick of Afterimage observed.

In 2017, FHL established a scholarship in Eugene N. Kozloff’s memory and established an endowment fund dedicated to undergraduate students who studied under him as marine biology professor. Eugene introduced many students to science’s wonders and profoundly altered their lives and perspectives for ever. We’re honored that his legacy will live on through this scholarship fund – for more information, click here.

Professional Career

Steve Kozloff Designs has produced many detailed concepts of mega-yachts, aircraft and expedition vehicles through its division called Steve Kozloff Designs. Notable among these creations include his Trident 100 double-masted trimaran concept; Pegasus VTOL aircraft; and G-Global cargo ship.

His most recent creation, The Elegante, is an award-winning self-assisted explorer superyacht featuring state-of-the-art amenities and facilities. Equipped with a Solid Sail/AeolDrive mast system that tilts 70 degrees to reduce air draft so as to pass beneath most bridges, The Elegante boasts outstanding amenities and facilities.

As part of his design for The Goliath Series gigayacht series, his unique self-assisted ice class vessel can move containers, bulk cargo or motor vehicles – helping reduce carbon emissions, avoid clogged ports and provide modular disaster relief solutions.

Achievement and Honors

He is the recipient of multiple accolades, such as Young Investigator awards from both the Society for Molecular Imaging and Orthopaedic Research Society. Additionally, he founded Sun Valley Workshop on Skeletal Tissue Biology and mentors student outreach program hosted by Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation.

His current research centers around regulating and measuring bone mass and quality as it relates to diseases of genetic, hormonal, or mechanical origin. His laboratory employs molecular imaging strategies and biomechanical tools in order to characterize bone cell activity, drug delivery systems for osteogenesis imperfecta patients, as well as their regenerative potential and capacity.

Steve Kozloff Designs, his private company, has designed detailed concepts of mega-yachts, jet aircraft and container ships.

Personal Life

He is renowned yacht designer Steve Kozloff and has also developed concepts for VTOL aircraft, cargo ships and expedition vehicles. Together with his wife Terry he founded Steve Kozloff Designs which has already produced several detailed megayacht designs as well as aircraft concepts and ship concepts.

His first major project was a gigayacht concept called Galleon. Inspired by multi-deck sailing ships, the design features 200 guests or 20 private residences as well as luxury amenities like indoor/outdoor pools, basketball court and aircraft hangar.

Kozloff runs his own research lab at the University of Michigan, working to advance bone cell biology and drug delivery for osteoporosis and bone injury patients. His efforts have translated to translational research into these conditions.

Net Worth

As a self-taught engineer, Kozloff’s skillset encompasses numerous disciplines. These include jewelry design, carpentry, plumbing and electric work as well as world class yacht and cliff dwelling design – not to mention piloting aircraft, mountain climbing and art!

He has created detailed concepts for aircraft, an expedition vessel and container ships in addition to yachts. Glory, his most recent sailing gigayacht concept design boasts a three-mast setup which can rotate and lower on command.

California-based designer Peter Calthorpe is perhaps best known for his Goliath series of folding megayachts and his G-Quest ice class explorer vessel, propelled by azimuth thrusters and powered by a thorium molten salt nuclear reactor with an estimated range of over 20,000 nautical miles – both to be released for production by 2024.

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