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Beginning his career at Boulay in 2009, he has specialized in auditing and accounting services to both public and private clients across a wide array of industries. He plans, conducts, and leads audit and other financial reporting engagements for clients.

Early Life and Education

Monson delivered one of the greatest single-person shows in Anne Arundel County baseball history when he single-handedly dealt Arundel its first loss ever in an eight inning 9-6 defeat during a Class AA county final game, in 1983. A standout catcher who could pitch as well, Monson is widely recognized for notching the only hit of that matchup.

Phillies picked him up in the 23rd round of the 1983 draft from Chesapeake High School in Maryland. He appeared in 21 games at rookie Helena and 17 with Gulf Coast League rookie Helena before moving up to single-A Beloit and then Stockton for 1988.

Stephen and Jon Monson, along with three grandchildren are proud members of Heritage Bible Church Greenville in South Carolina where he and Sandra Monson attend regularly.

Professional Career

Monson brings over 27 years of experience to his position, having led, grown and recruited brokerages while holding extensive shipper/agent experience.

Monson pulled off one of the greatest one-man performances ever seen in Anne Arundel County as a senior at Brooklyn Park High School when he almost single-handedly handed Arundel High School its ninth-inning defeat in the state championship game. Following that amazing feat, he went on to enjoy a career in professional baseball that eventually culminated with him spending some seasons playing in Latin America.

He now works as an auditor at Boulay LLP and assists clients in understanding technical accounting and reporting standards. In his free time he’s involved with fundraising for high school athletics as well as umpiring.

Achievement and Honors

Monson holds an overall coaching record of 387-352 in Division I and has reached postseason play in 11 of 20 seasons as head coach. Additionally, he served as an assistant coach on USA Basketball teams led by Kelvin Sampson at both 2004 and 1999 Men’s World University Games.

Monson guided Long Beach State, who featured no returning starters, to win the Big West Tournament championship and make an NIT appearance despite no returning players from previous seasons. As a result, he was honored as conference coach of the year once more for this achievement.

Monson has held several top leadership roles within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, including two terms as general president. One of his key contributions to religion’s history is lowering missionaries’ ages from 21 for young men and 18 for young women to 19.

Personal Life

Steve Monson is married and the father of three. An avid Boston sports fan, Steve enjoys visiting diners featured on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives while also teaching recreational soccer to children.

He has an immense love of photography and enjoys exploring new places, which keeps him active within the LDS church, regularly calling missionaries. Additionally, he is renowned for being an excellent listener who frequently assists others with their problems.

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Net Worth

He has written and produced songs for numerous artists such as Britney Spears, Nick Jonas, Anne-Marie and Rag’n’Bone Man. Additionally he co-wrote songs with Drake and Nicki Minaj as well as written and performed musicals he co-wrote/starred in himself.

He spent eleven seasons as an assistant coach at Gonzaga University, before being promoted to associate head coach. Under his tutelage, Gonzaga made 10 NCAA tournament appearances and finished 223-89 (.715) overall during this timeframe.

Mocco currently coaches wrestling at American Top Team and trains Antonio Silva for his World Series of Fighting fights. Prior to that he competed as both an amateur and collegiate wrestler – winning multiple championships including being named Dan Hodge Trophy Winner as well as two NCAA national Championships in freestyle wrestling competition – before transitioning into mixed martial arts fighting where he has numerous championship wins under World Series of Fighting promotion.

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