Steve Murdick

Steve Murdick

Steve Murdick lived his life to serve others. As former State Demographer of Texas and Director of the US Census Bureau.

He was honored with being honored as Cocoa Police Department Employee of the Second Quarter 2021.

Audrey Dunham is a professional health lifestyle consultant and bodybuilding trainer. Additionally, she is married to American ventriloquist and stand-up comedian Jeff Dunham.

Early Life and Education

Murdock was born June 2 in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. He earned a doctorate in demography and sociology at the University of Kentucky and wrote nearly 50 academic journal articles examining changing racial, educational, and income characteristics across Texas and the United States.

He founded Rice University’s Hobby Center for the Study of Texas and served as its director until his retirement in 2009. At UTSA he held positions including Allyn R. and Gladys Cline Professor of Sociology as well as director of its Institute of Demographic and Socioeconomic Research.

Raised on a farm in Unity, Maine where he would create with whatever was at hand – metal work quickly becoming his passion and earning him his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ithaca College.

Professional Career

Through her career, she has dedicated herself to helping people lead healthy and productive lives through nutrition and exercise. Her work on “Ace of Cakes” and books have made her well-known to a broad audience.

Murdock has lived in Statesville for some time, serving as an active member of Holy Spirit Catholic Church Mims. She is married and has twin sons named James Jeffrey and Jack Steven.

As Texas State Demographer, he oversaw the Texas State Data Center and provided vital demographics information to legislators, superintendents of schools and academics regarding Texas’ growth and changing demographics. He was also founding Director of University of Texas San Antonio’s Institute for Demographic and Socioeconomic Research where he earned recognition as Lutcher Brown Distinguished Professor in Management Science and Statistics – 2004 was his year!

Achievement and Honors

Murdick has earned recognition as an esteemed researcher. He authored multiple books and articles detailing socioeconomic trends across America. Furthermore, he served as founding director for Rice University’s Hobby Center for the Study of Texas as well as state demographer.

Additionally, he has received multiple awards for his dedication and contribution to sociology. Most notably in 2016, he received the Lynwood Swanson Award, an accolade that recognizes senior faculty exemplars with established, productive research programs that are nationally acclaimed.

Audrey Dunham, wife of American comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham, is a fitness and health expert, bodybuilder and nutritionist. She has amassed many followers online who follow her daily activities on social media; their fans find her infectiously charming; she even made some guest appearances alongside Jeff in his shows!

Personal Life

Young and overweight, she decided to lose the excess pounds through an effective combination of diet and exercise regiments and competitive bodybuilding events. With dedication and commitment towards her goals she achieved a slim athletic body – all while looking her best.

She is now married to famed American ventriloquist Jeff Dunham and serves as his nutritionist, personal trainer, and passionate bodybuilder. She has become widely followed on social media.

Steve Murdick served 26 years in the Coast Guard before retiring as a machinery technician first class, according to Cocoa Police spokesman Yvonne Martinez. He was deployed during Deepwater Horizon oil spill and G-8 Summits.

Net Worth

Audrey Murdick is one of the more captivating stories in life; her journey as a health and wellness consultant, nutritionist, cutthroat muscle head and fitness coach came into focus following her marriage to American comedian Jeff Dunham (an actor, producer and ventriloquist).

Audrey has amassed considerable wealth through her career as a fitness trainer and bodybuilder, certified nutritionist, and by competing in various fitness events.

Mother-of-two and actress, she has appeared in movies such as Achmed Saves America, The Thieves Guild and Minding the Monsters. Currently worth an estimated $1 Million, this tireless woman is proud mother to James Jeffrey and Jack Steven, twin boys she strives to raise as healthy individuals while upholding an idealistic lifestyle for herself and her family.

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